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    I have tried Lipozene once and ended up somewhat tragically. While I did lose weight, I had to deal with loud embarrassing gas and bloating at times. The only positive side is you will lose weight. But then is it worth it? Not for me. This was a year ago. Anyways, I stumbled upon Hcg drops brands online and planning to undergo an hcg diet.

    My biggest fear is will I have side effects again if I use hcg? I am not much aware of how hcg drops work but I want to try this diet. Any words of wisdom? Share.


    Michelle Diaz

    Now I haven’t tried Lipozene but I have tried hCG. I got hCG drops from online and it worked well for me. That being said, keep an open mind about hCG. Bear in mind that no two bodies are same. I did feel mild effects such as headaches, frustration, sober feeling etc. but that was only during the initial week. Once the body adjusts to the low cal diet, things will fall into place.

    Hey, you might not feel any side effects at all…we never know until you try implementing it 🙂 Have a positive outlook 😀


    Rachel Landon

    I am with you. I had tried Lipozene capsules and it didn’t work for me. There are Lipozene drops available such as Lipodrops as well but I don’t really believe the effectiveness as they both have the same ingredients.

    Lipozene capsules have Glucomannan that is derived from Konjac plant (also known as elephant yam).

    Here are a few questions often asked about Lipozene.

    How fast does lipozene work?

    Lipozene helps in curbing your appetite. While there are no calorie restriction like HCG, it works good if you exercise, have a good diet combined with Lipozene. But there are many Lipozene complaints online in websites such as ripoffreports about the company not providing refund to customers…literally a rip off.

    In 2011, the company had legal issues as well when the company had undergone allegations of making false claims. (cudn’t be more right!!!)

    Many people noticed side effects of Lipozene such as more hunger, gas, bloating. Worst people didn’t even lose even a lb of weight in one week in spite of taking Lipozene correctly. Even Lipozene reviews in Mayo clinic say the same though there are only few available. But you are more than welcome to check for Lipozene results online which will pretty much prove my point.

    If you still want to buy Lipozene, its available in Walmart.

    Does lipozene give you energy?

    Not for me…and if it did, it’s probably because of my food and definitely not Lipozene.

    Sadly even HCG didn’t work for me. I am going back to my basics of good diet and exercise routine…

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