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    Can someone explain how should one lose weight properly w/ hcg?




    Stick to the 500 calories and the foods as mentioned in the book Pounds and Inches. If at all you feel like cheating, you can do a steak day or an apple day to compensate. But try not to cheat.

    Occasionally, you might find yourself in plateau or stall i.e. you won’t lose weight for 3-4 days (depends on person to person) If so, you can have a couple of cheat days so that you can restore the weight loss.

    Most of all try to stay positive and affirm the look post weight loss. That will keep you motivated. 🙂



    Rachel Landon


    500 calories didn’t work for me. I needed more so I raised to 1200 calories per day. I did lose weight though as I worked out simultaneously for 20-30 minutes. Though the hcg diet clearly stated mild exercises only, I feel great with workout and did it anyway. Went from 250lbs to 231 lbs within the 21-day program.

    I guess its all about what works with your body. Don’t punish yourself with 500 calories if you know your body isn’t gonna take it. Its all about experimenting.

    Hope this helps….Cheers!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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