Dr. Rima took the long 43 day HCG diet program. She used the HCG injections and followed the strict 500 calorie diet. On the whole she lost about 25.8 pounds during this time.

Dr Rima E Laibow, MD is a medical practitioner and director of the Natural Solutions Centre in Panama. The aim of the institute is to develop and demonstrate natural solutions for the health issues and to help maintain a healthy community and world. Dr Rima specializes in detoxification, rejuvenation and wellness which is one of the operations of this center.

Dr. Rima E Laibow’s institute has also introduced the HCG weight control program at her center. To promote the program, Dr. Rima herself undertook the weight loss program. She wanted to make sure that the HCG diet actually works and she also wanted to find out the effects of the 500 calorie diet on the body.

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What were the main highlights of Dr. Rima E. Laibow’s HCG diet protocol?

Dr. Rima took the long 43 day HCG diet program. She used the HCG injections and followed the strict 500 calorie diet. On the whole she lost about 25.8 pounds during this time. Although the weight loss was not as much as expected, she has gone down from size 20 to size 10/12. Her BMI also dropped from 31.4 to 26.5.

A few people had complained about sagging skin, but Dr. Rima Laibow did not face any such issues. Her skin texture had improved in texture and she looks well toned and healthy.

Is there any specific reason for not losing as much weight as expected?

Dr. Rima had been steadily losing weight till day 19 of the HCG program at the rate of 1 pound per day. She then started using an all natural mitochondrial metabolic rate enhancer. She used it 6 times and found that the weight loss was very less or nil during the days that she took these metabolic nutrients. So her conclusion is not to use any of thee metabolic enhancers while on the HCG diet.

What was Dr. Rima E. Laibow’s intention in trying out the HCG diet program?

Dr. Rima E. Laibow is planning to start the HCG diet program at her center in Panama where people can come and stay there for the complete duration of the diet. They would be given pure organic food according to the HCG diet protocol and all patients would be personally monitored by Dr. Rima herself. There is an attached restaurant which will serve the varieties of food prescribed by the protocol, all natural and organic.

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How did Dr. Rima go about with her diet program?

Dr. Rima went through all the prescribed phases of the HCG diet program. She went through the loading phase for two days, followed by 44 days of 500 calorie diet. The injections are taken only 6 days a week. The protocol stipulates one day’s injection is skipped every week. This is followed by Phase 3 with 500 calorie diet and no injection and finally the maintenance phase, where the calorie intake can be increased to 1200-1500 calories. Here too there is a restriction for the intake of added sugar and limited carbohydrates.

Was self injecting the HCG painful?

The needles used for injecting HCG are so thin, you would hardly feel a prick. The HCG is injected under the skin. The process is absolutely painless.

Did Dr. Rima face any difficulties while undertaking the HCG diet?

Dr. Rima did not have any problem finishing the HCG diet protocol. She was able to stick to the prescribed diet protocol. The occasional hunger pangs disappeared immediately after the HCG was injected. She drank lots of water since she did feel thirsty quite often.

Dr. Rima also emphasizes that only the excess fat is lost during the HCG diet program. It does not cause any harm to muscle mass, brain or other tissues.

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What prompted Dr. Rima to try the HCG diet regime the second time?

Dr. Rima did not lose all the intended weight the first time that she did the HCG diet program. So after the required one month break, she started the program again. This time she tried the HCG drops. She did this round only for 13 days. She used the sublingual drops twice a day and kept it under the tongue for 15 minutes and then swallowed it. Dr. Rima found the results to be satisfactory, but could not continue the diet for long since she ran out of the drops and had to wait a while to get the refill.

Dr. Rima insists that the maintenance phase was successful and did not regain more than 2 pounds. She in fact is starting on the HCG diet program for a third time too and vouches for its success.

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