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and preparing healthy meals can be hardship for them. Even an ardent cook may have to use many frozen food items to prepare a healthy meal.

It is painful enough not to eat your favorite dishes while you are on diet. Having to make meals can be tougher, especially when you have to reach for work early and do not get enough time to prepare those ‘healthy meals’ to survive the day. TheFreshDiet is the easy way for you to have healthy meals prepared fresh and delivered to you, whether you are on office or at home.

About TheFreshDiet

You get the food that is healthy for you and almost customized for your needs. Precisely, it is the food that fit your lifestyle. A healthy meal is always tagged along weight loss. yes, you can use TheFreshDiet for your weight loss programs but it has other benefits to create healthy habits as well.

A healthy meal that you prepare at home may not be as tasty as you wanted and you also don’t know any other way out! What is the solution? The answer is TheFreshDiet that cooks food for you from what you desire to have and delivers it to you as well. TheFreshDiet will make you like, love and live the healthy food and make the life healthier.

How It Works?

  • Fresh Chef prepared meals: The main aspect of TheFreshDiet is that the meals are prepared by chefs. The menu is inspired by Mediterranean diet principles. The meals are aimed to be heart healthy and helping in longevity of the person. The recipes are infused with rich flavors for fresh feel and unique experience at the dining. The menus are prepared by the Chief Culinary Officer, who sets it to rotate regularly. Fresh recipes are also included every time.The Mediterranean concept is to have fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables and legumes for the deep flavor enhancement and using healthy oils and fatty acids like olive oil, avocados and fish in the menu. With TheFreshDiet menu, there is no more bland food in the name of healthy diet.
  • Portion controlled meals: All the meals prepared are pre-portioned, that is divided according to the calorie needs. You don’t need to measure and divide. Simply grab the pack and take along to have timely healthy meal. The dishes are designed for freshness and enhancing the life. Even the snacks are pre-portioned so the calorie controllers and diet conscious people don’t have to worry about what they are eating or how much they take each time.
  • Convenient delivery with all 5 meals for the day at flexible delivery days are blessing to the busy bodies. The access to nutritionist to assist in your weight loss or health improvement regime is another plus.

Step 1: Pick Your Plan

The basics of TheFreshDiet food delivery is that you pick a plan, as of how often you want the diet meal delivery to happen. Whether it is every day, the whole month, or whatever that is convenient for you. There are at least 4 diet home delivery meal plans for you to choose from.

The plans are weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription. The plans are flexible and you are free to unsubscribe, hold the delivery for any day or few days etc. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want a delivery to happen.

Step 2: Design Your Menu

Now that you have selected a plan for the diet meal delivery, it’s time to pick the menu. There is a standard menu planner available from which you can pick your choices. There is also option for you to have a custom made meal juts for you, but that has limitations and you get very few chances at that.

The available menu is updated regularly and seasonally with fresh recipes. The recipes are also rotated so that you get variety. There are options like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and special meal preparation if you have any food allergy.

TheFreshDiet allows you to pick a maximum of “never serve me” food items and an unlimited list of “I do not like” food listing to set as your choice. The availability of these choices is subjected to the chosen plan.

You can choose breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks in between from the menu. Some plans have all of these 5 food for the day and others have the option of a breakfast and either lunch or dinner options for the day.

The breakfast menu has 7 options, lunch with 13 options, dinner has 10 items listed and snacks you can choose from the 14 given options.

Step 3: Diet Meal Delivery

The next step is for us to cook the scheduled meals and deliver it to your door step. The delivery days are flexible or customized for the plan that you chose. The usual diet meal delivery happens in the dark hours. The usual time is 7pm -5am. You don’t get any kind of notifications or calls to disturb you.

There is also a plan for the diet delivery. Monday and Tuesday the delivery happens as usual in the regular time. On Wednesday, the meals for the next 2 days – Thursday and Friday are also delivered. On Friday, the delivery of meals for Saturday and Sunday happens.

The diet delivery happens in a thermal insulated cooler bag with non-toxic ice packs. These bags are to be returned, sans the meals, later during the next delivery time. There is an emergency cancel option within 24 hours where you can cancel the scheduled delivery and postpone it to use another day.

Step 4: Eat & Enjoy

It is up to you to eat and enjoy the cooked meals. The meals and the snacks are pre-portioned for the diet conscious people and there is no guess work. You can simply open, plate and eat. There is also access to consult the nutritionist if you want. The frequency of the nutritionist consultation depends on the meal plan that you choose.

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TheFreshDiet Food Delivery Service

The fresh diet food delivery service is available in 11 states within USA. The 11 states cover about 44 metro areas and many cities, as many as 573 cities. TheFreshDiet is currently focusing only in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Miami, and Houston. You can check the delivery availability by entering the zip code of your area. The delivery can happen on all 7 days of the week or on any selected 2 days.

Most often the delivery happens in the middle of the night and there is also a Do Not Disturb policy so you have to provide complete details about the delivery address with possible landmarks to identify the address correctly. You are also free to mention any particular spots or places where the delivery bag should be placed.

It is better to notify the watchman about the delivery at the odd hours to let the person inside to have the bad delivered at your doorstep.

The Diet Delivery Meal Plans

Fresh premium: Fresh premium is the meal plan that includes 3 meals of the day and 2 snacks in between. You pay for the entire day’s food. The fresh premium has 2 options for weekly plan and monthly plan. The weekly plan has food delivery done on all 7 days and the monthly has 31 days of complete meal for the day.

  • 7 day trial plan: This is a 7 day’s only plan for the starters to see how it works. The plan includes 3 meals and 2 snacks for the week. The menu has a lot more option to choose the meals from. The menu and recipes are rotated weekly and the menu for each week is different. Flexible delivery is available. If you want to have any particular day’s delivery on hold, do inform in advance and it would be done. If you are on a vacation or out of town for the time being, the menu or delivery could be put on hold to deliver it on a later day with a fresh meal.With this plan, you get ONE free consultation with the nutritionist with each renewal. This is a weekly plan so renewal happens every week unless you decide otherwise. That gives you 1 consultation every week.For this plan, the first 7 days of order for the beginners get the meals at a discounted rate per day.
  • 31 day lifestyle plan: This is monthly subscription and is renewed automatically until you cancel it. This plan also includes the 3 meals 2 snacks formula for every day for 31 days of the month. The menu available is for the week and changes every week for variety.
    The delivery is flexible. In case you don’t want a delivery for a particular day you can hold that and re-schedule it for another day. With this subscription plan by TheFreshDiet, you can have unlimited consultations with the nutritionist. There are no limits with the number. If you want assistance, then you can have it any day. This monthly plan renews automatically every time it expires. With this plan, the per-day meal would be at a discounted rate than the other plan. It would cost less than $30 per day.

Fresh flex is a meal plan that includes only 2 meals per day. The two meals can be from breakfast or lunch or dinner. If you want a breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner, or lunch and dinner, you decide and choose. The meals are available for every day. There are 2 plans, a 14-day biweekly plan, and a whole month plan for 31 days.

  • 14 day starter plan: You have any of the 2 meals of the day on daily basis. The plan from TheFreshDiet is flexible to choose the any 2 meals for any day of the subscription period. You can choose the meals from the menu provided. The delivery is flexible with hold on option when you are not available for the day or for a few days. In that case the schedule is changed to have that day’s portion delivered on a later day.This biweekly plan allows only ONE consultation with the nutritionist for the subscription period of 2 weeks. You can pick any of the 14 days of the month. The subscription has auto-renewal. The per day meal price is approx $22.
  • 31 day lifestyle plan: This is a monthly subscription plan for the whole month. This is the cheapest price for the per day meals. You can select the 2 meals of the day and have it scheduled for each day of the month. If you want to pause the delivery you can. Just mention the days you are not available or interest at the moment. The menu changes every week for fresh recipes and rotation. You also have unlimited nutritionist consultation. This monthly plan has the auto renewal option.

Corporate plan: There is also the Corporate plan by TheFreshDiet where the healthy prepared meals are directly delivered in offices for the wellness of the employees. It is the noon meal that is available for the corporate. The employees can choose their preferences. It is way for the companies to empower the employee’s health and improve the productivity.

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Sample Meals From TheFreshDiet

  • Wondering what a sample meal looks like? Here it is.
  • Mediterranean omelet made with sautéed asparagus, sun dried tomato, cheese, and oregano for breakfast.
  • Faro salad with mustard greens, sweet roasted onions and pecans, cranberries and feta cheese
  • Delicious French Pear cake with almonds
  • Baked lemon chicken served with cilantro, mint faro, green bean, walnuts and flavored with garlic.
  • Baja style shrimp Quinoa with black beans, red bell pepper, green onion and cilantro
  • Awesome fresh fruits salad that has pineapple, strawberry, mango, and grapes with a dip made of yogurt and agave nectar.

There are but samples. The menu of each week would be different and rotated for fresh flavor every week. You can pick your choice from the items listed. You are free to plan the menu 31 days in advance or at least 3 days before the delivery day.

TheFreshDiet Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • To start with, TheFreshDiet is very convenient with very less effort. You can choose order and pay online.
  • The subscription is renewed automatically unless you cancel it. So you don’t have to worry about the payments. The money is deducted from the credit.
  • The food is fresh, made from fresh ingredients packed in vacuum sealed packs.
  • The food is pre-portioned to make it easier. You can open and eat.
  • You can plan the meals in advance, the earliest is 31 days prior.
  • There are options for 3 meals of the day and 2 snacks in between
  • The emergency cancellation is a breather
  • Free consultation with the nutritionist. It is unlimited with the monthly subscription of every day TheFreshDiet meals.
  • The cost of the subscription gets you discounted price for individual meal for the longer period plans.

The Cons

  • TheFreshDiet food delivery is entirely for a single person and not for the whole family. For each member, you have to order separately.
  • The menu options are pretty much limited. Adding to the worry is when you have too many food allergies then you actually run out of the list.
  • There is no option (much of it) for you to decide what to eat. You have to eat what they prepare. Your choices are limited.
  • The next concern is the delivery options. The delivery system are daily delivery or 2 days a week delivery. The option depends on where you live. In most areas the delivery happens in 2 days a week for the whole week due to limited reach. Though started at Miami only and now expanded to other 5 cities, the reach is still very low. You get daily delivery if you are closer to the city mentioned. Otherwise, it is 2 days delivery where you get the meals for the each day in advance.
  • As much as the food is prepared fresh and from fresh ingredients many get the packaged food effect because of the delivery system problems. The food that you get in advance for the next day will have to be refrigerated and then where is the freshness in it?
  • There is hardly any in-person meeting with the delivery personal. There are no notifications or communications. The delivery is done practically at your door-step. You pay in advance so he/she need not wait on you.

Triumph HCG

  • Drops
  • Hormone & Hormone free option
  • Free delivery
  • Buy One Get one Free
  • deit plan and support

TheFreshDiet Meal Delivery Customer Reviews

The customer reviews have been widely mixed with both positive and negative feedback. Those who are in the nearby areas where they get a daily delivery are happier than the others who are not in the areas where the daily delivery is available. That is the main concern with the TheFreshDiet meal delivery.

The quality of the food and taste are rather better but that seems pale in comparison to the price of the meals per day. In this competitive world the price is not competent enough. People may be reluctant to try at first, until they are used to it.

As for the calorie control and helping with the weight loss, the better options are with the monthly subscription with more opportunities to consult the nutritionist and get corrections or advice from time to time.

It is also a general opinion that the meals look rather higher calories and not that effective for weight management as thought it to be. But the fact is that this meal delivery system is planned for all and not targeted only for the weight management. People with other health conditions like heart problems or other diseases can also benefit from the meal delivery plans. So there could be slight changes in the calorie concern.

The lack of enough options in the menu for the weekly or biweekly subscriptions has also emerged as a concern among many. Lets head on to see what the customers have to say individually.

The Supportive Reviews

Carol, a nurse, has lost many pounds of body weight with the help of TheFreshDiet meals and has been on it for more than a year. She feels that everyone should be ‘prescribed’ to this healthy diet that includes all that is needed. She also states that her spastic colon has been under control with this diet meal. She has a long list of recipes at TheFreshDiet and especially fond of the deserts and salads. It is now part of her life to help her live healthy, energetic, and happy.

Elle, a professional hair stylist in New York had no time for cooking or proper meals in her busy schedule. TheFreshDiet was the turning point in her life that practically took some huge weight off her shoulders. She no longer had to worry about the timely meals or calorie intake. She can just grab a pack and set off. The calories and health are all sealed in her meal portion. She now gets healthy food without sacrificing on nutrition or time. She is now concentrating more on important factors of her life.

Jen is another happy customer of TheFreshDiet who got to change her life to be more exciting and fulfilling. She has been on the healthy TheFreshDiet meals for a few months. The weight loss she succeeded in providing good health and reducing the cholesterol level in her body. She feels a new body would definitely make anyone to see what and how they do things in their life.

Linda is a happy customer from Colorado who feels the special packaging did really managed to keep the meals fresh. The only problem she finds is that the meals need to be microwaved for a hot meal.

Kim is happy with both the meals as well as the customer service. Any problem that was faced was met by the customer care with promptness which leaves not just this but all the customers happy.
Colin Product

Tara states that the food is simply delicious. She finds the service good that helps her even out the calories. The meals are adjusted to accommodate the calorie needs. If one meal is high calories the respective next meal is lighter. The only problem she finds with TheFreshDiet is that it is pricey and feels that one need to compromise on something to gain something big.

Ann is a working woman who often had to stay in hotels and find this meal delivery system most convenient to stay healthy. The food is good and flavorful and is delivered like clockwork with no worries. She urges not to fall for the negative comments and to try the trial plan before making an opinion of your own.

John has the opinion that the service and the food are great at TheFreshDiet. As for the price he feels that it only SEEMS high when you have to pay the entire amount beforehand. When split the price is not too high for per day meals. After all one has to pay a price for quality and delicious food.

The Critical Reviews

Simc feels that the diet meal has got nothing to with dieting and the meal portions are rather big with lots of carbs and calories. The cost is another part the problem is. She did feel that the breakfast and lunch were tasty but yet that is not worth the efforts and money for being ‘diet’ meals. ON the other hand, Aeeb has other opinion that the portions are too small for him.

Agnes and Toni felt that the food was not fresh and almost inedible. Julie has issues with the customer service. She also had mistakes with the delivery and is not tolerant anymore.

Don had trouble with the salads. The salad leaves became soggy and not fit to push it for later use. He lives in area where the daily delivery is no available. He advises not to order the salads with leaves for the 2-day a week delivery system.

Suzanne has trouble with the 2-day a week delivery that leaves her food to lose its taste and no longer feels fresh. She has this salad problem also that the leaves are no longer edible by the time she tries to eat them. But she also feels that the TheFreshDiet is far better in comparison with other meal delivery programs.

Another Suzanne had problem with the delivery personnel mishandling the meal bag. The other problem she faced was the quality of the meat over the months which declined and started being too fatty.

Anna is another customer who had to discontinue the subscription because of the customer service of delivery. Despite the food being good and delicious she had to forgot it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the meals delivered?

TheFreshDiet meals are delivered in a thermal insulated bag. The food is specially wrapped and will also have ice packs around it to keep the food fresh. The bag requires an initial purchase amount of $25. This amount is later refundable on cancellation of the subscription.

What do I do with the empty meal bag?

The meals would be delivered in a separate meal bag every day. The empty meal bag can be placed outside where the bags are usually delivered. The person who leaves the next bag there would take the empty one with him to use later.

What if my apartment does not have a doorman, how does the meal bag be delivered?

In such cases, you need to give the access code or the key, whichever is applicable, to get the meals delivered. Information on how to send the code of key via mail will be notified upon asking the customer care.

What is the cut off time to pick a meal plan for a particular day?

The meal plan should be selected at least 72 hours before the delivery day.

What happens if I fail to choose a meal for the day?

In case no meals have been chosen for the day until the cut off time, the chef will decide what to send and he picks the meal for you.

When or until what time can I make changes in the selected meals?

All changes must be done before 72 hours for the scheduled day or delivery time.

Is there a calorie limit for the meals or the day at TheFreshDiet?

Yes there is. The calorie limit for women and men are different. It is set at 1200-1400 calories per day for women and that is 1600-1800 calories for men for the weight loss diet plans.

How do I know if the chosen meal has any ingredient that I don’t like or have allergy to it?

There is a DISLIKE option in the food profile of every customer. Any ingredient that does not fit well with the person can be chosen and marked as dislike. If the chosen meal plan has this ingredient in it, the customer is immediately notified and can make appropriate changes in the meal.


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