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Razburn – Raspberry Ketones

Both raspberry ketones and HCG drops are weight loss aids. They are natural and do not cause any major side effects also. The best part is that these can be combined to get best results with the weight loss process.

The fact that raspberry ketones are plant based and the HCG drops have the HG which is human based does not come in the way of them helping each other for a common cause- weight loss, at a faster rate.

About HCG Drops

HCG drops contain the hormone HCG which s produced in pregnant women as a safe deposit of energy resource for the growing fetus. This hormone can find the stored fat and mobilize it to the energy producing sites and works well even if the mother is not taking enough food for 2 persons. Since much of the excess weight in the body come from this stored fat, HCG hormone is being used to get rid of them without any side effects.

HCG being a natural compound and the fact that every single person was exposed to this hormone makes it all the more acceptable to be taken for this novel reason. HCG drops when taken with a low calorie diet forces the body to find alternatives for the calorie deficit. The search ultimately reaches the stored fat, keeping the structural fat intact. This is the main reason why HCG drops are considered far more effective, safer, and faster to have natural weight loss.

The constant usage of the stored fat keeps the energy maintained and increased to keep from feeling hungry.

About Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are the compounds that add flavor to the raspberry fruits. This compound is used in many foods as a flavoring agent. The amazing use of this compound is that it is a natural fat burner. In a weight loss process anything that is related to being a fat burner are welcome. These raspberry ketones are a great combo to be used with HCG drops and works excellent as a standalone weight loss supplement.

Raspberry ketones are related to fat burning by influencing the metabolic rate. Raspberry ketones produce a hormone that speed up the fat burning process inside the liver. It speeds up fat burning and also slows down the fat accumulation inside the body.


A Review Of HCG Raspberry Ketones

HCG diets are one of leading diets in weight loss as they have highly successful results. There is another product that aids in weight loss and in fact has many other uses -the Raspberry Ketones. The HCG Raspberry ketone review discusses the advantages of including HCG diet drops plus raspberry ketones in the HCG diet regime. It has been found to be beneficial to take raspberry ketones while on a HCG diet. The benefits of raspberry ketone while on a HCG diet have also been highly recommended by Dr. Oz.

Raspberry ketones are extracted from red raspberries. They have a delicious aroma and are used in food flavorings, perfumes etc. They are sometimes applied on the scalp to increase hair growth. They also help to increase skin elasticity thus delaying skin aging. The most capturing use is their role in weight loss. There arises the speculation of combining raspberry ketones plus HCG with HCG Triumph diets.

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Combine HCG Drops And Raspberry Ketones

Most often, we find that the raspberry ketones are added or offered alogn with the HCG drops. It is recommended to use them together. The reason? The reason is that they can really complement each other. While the HCG drops can find and bring the stored fat to the fat burning sites, the raspberry ketones can accelerate the fat burning process itself.

The HCG does not increase the metabolism or increases the fat burning rate. It only brings in the fat. This is where the raspberry ketones take up the job and ensures that the fat is used up.

Another reason to use the HCG drops raspberry ketones combination is that by bringing the fat, the body gets energy and does not feel hungry too much. The HCG drops is accompanied by a low calorie diet. The diet is sure to make you leave hungry unless there is enough fat burning to keep up the energy. Raspberry ketones are there to ensure that the body is not left starved.

The low calorie food can leave you starved but when there are enough calories burnt, there is no deficit. Neither the HCG drops nor the raspberry ketones are really appetite suppressors but what they do, naturally suppresses the hunger and the cravings also.

HCG causes rapid fat loss, which can cause some changes in the skin texture also. The ski must stay healthy and not wrinkled or damaged at the end of the program. The solution is to have as much antioxidants in the system as possible. Raspberry ketones have antioxidants in it that can protect the healthy skin cells from oxidative damage.
Raspberry ketones also help the skin retain its shape during weight loss. Being rich in anti-oxidants, they help burn away free radicals which are the main cause of weight gain. There are also ways of increasing its effects and HCG, too. Thus HCG raspberry ketone combination diets are highly recommended.

HCG diets combined with raspberry ketones give you a great way to lose weight and also to have a healthy overall effect on your skin as well. So HCG plus raspberry ketones are a great way to begin your HCG diet.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Raspberry Ketones contain HCG?

Raspberry ketones do not contain HCG, but they do have something called phytonutrients. These phytonutrients help in increasing fat metabolism thereby decreasing obesity and fatty liver. Hence during the HCG diets, dieters are encouraged to take raspberry ketones along with HCG to increase fat metabolism thereby leading to greater weight loss.

In which form the raspberry ketones are available?

Raspberry Ketone drops and capsules assist the body in entering a state called ketosis. Usually, this happens to prevent the body from starving when there is fewer carbohydrates present in the body. Ketosis makes the body go for the fat reserves instead thus burning away fat. Raspberry ketones will lead the body into this mode artificially or should we say naturally!

How do raspberry ketones work?

The level of ketones in the blood will increase which are small portions of carbon that contributes to energy from fat burning and this happens when the glycogen from burning carbohydrates runs out. They will increase the body’s core heat and this will help in fat metabolism. They are also rich in fiber and thus digestion is slowed down and blood sugar levels are regulated thus decreasing the risk of diabetes, this similar to the effects of HCG.

How much raspberry ketones can I take on a HCG diet?

Imagine combining raspberry ketones along with all the glories of a HCG diet! A HCG diet will bite away at the fat stores making us lighter every day. The raspberry ketones plus the effects of HCG will make the diet so much easier. Without disrupting the HCG diet, simply take around 100 mg to 200 mg of raspberry ketones daily and this will burn more fat effectively and give you a fruity taste. They may be a little expensive but they are worth it and also they are only needed in fewer quantities.