Nuimage HCG Injections

  • 5000 IU Vial (for 26 Day Program)
  • Bacteriostatic Water
  • Syringe
  • Swabs

Ihcg Injections Kits

No more waiting for hours at doctor’s clinic to get an HCG shot. ihcg injections comes with real hcg hormone that will assist in proper weight loss. The 500 very low calorie diet (VLCD) is an essential part of hcg diet program to lose weight successfully.

“Lost 30 lbs in 40 days” – Michelle

My husband is losing weight tremendously. He has increased the bottles and is currently on day 61 not to mention 45 lbs down. The dosage is way too high and can result in hunger issues. My husband is at 170 iu and I am on 120 iu without any hunger pangs. We are quite comfortable with the doses and you can actually feel the potency. I am in Phase 3 of the hcg diet program and have lost 49 lbs total. I will be doing another round in September. The company is legit and so is the product.

If you are looking for the best in hcg injections, look no further. Also check out our article on how to buy Cheap hcg Drops

If you are planning to purchase cheap hcg injection kits for weight loss online, then US hcg shots are the best for you. Understand, that cheap hcg supplies does not always mean bad quality. There are many companies that provide genuine hcg hormone at an economical rate.

In 2013 there was a ban on HCG products due to cheap hcg supplies. When we say “Cheap HCG products”, we don’t mean the price. The price was cheap too, but what mattered was the quality. There were 1000’s of vendors selling over the counter hcg injections which were of cheap quality. The government put a ban on cheap hcg supplies . Well, we thought that it would be the end but it wasn’t so.

Internet was flooded with many hcg brands – both genuine and fake. The results were equally confusing. However, there are few brands who have carved a nitch in people’s heart with their reliable hcg products. Though available at a cheap rate, they do stick by their words and deliver healthy weight loss.

Cheap hcg supplies also got excellent customer testimonials. Users love the product because it actually works and helps lose weight. These cheap UShcgshots & supplies does not have any complaints.  Check out the official website and read reviews below for more information.

USHCGShots –  Affordable HCG Injections At Your Doorstep

One of the cheapest HCG injections you can buy online, the UShcg shots starts at less than $200 for a 27 Day course. That too for the entire kit and the hcg vial itself. Very few hcg injection manufacturers can beat that kind of price and best of all, the UShcg shots as its name implies is manufactured in the USA. Affordable HCG injections are hard to come by but when you look at quality, the USHCGshots beat the price and quality requirements and is second to none. You don’t require a prescription but, there is an in house doctor who will provide you prescription over the web or phone. Interestingly, UShcgshots is one of the best and yet Affordable hcg injections available in the market today.

USHCGShots Consumer Reviews

USHCGshots is among the top three hcg injections available in the market. The website sells hcg injection and cheap hcg injection kits separately. HCG injection refills are available too. If you are a newbie in the whole “hcg weight loss” thing, you should pick up a 28 day hcg injection kit. The kit comes with vials, syringes, alcohol wipes, mixing syringes etc.

Like any product, the UShcgshots have mixed reviews, both good and bad.

Positive Reviews on

HCG dieters say that the shots actually helps in weight loss. Though difficult during the first week, people notice a significant change in their energy levels. They are much in ease with their body weight and have noticed improved self confidence.

Negative Reviews on

Few consumers claim that the company sells fraudulent hcg that does not work. The customer service is poor & the refund process is too edgy.

Read the whole story here at

Biosource HCG Complex Drops

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Hormone Free Drops
  • No side effects
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • Diet Plan And Support

Top 3 Brands That Also Sell Cheap Hcg Injection Kits

  • iHCG injections
  • Nu Image Medical
  • New Edge Health

Cheap HCG injection kits from all the above vendors are easily available at

Other OTC HCG Injections Brands

HCG injections are available in the market under various names including Chorex, Novarel, Pregnyl and Profasi etc. The average cost of HCG injections goes from five dollars to twenty dollar for a one month’s supply. You can buy them at that carries all these over-the-counter hcg injection brands online. NOTE that you need to purchase hcg mixing supplies separately.

Buy Complete HCG Injection Kits Online

Complete HCG injection kits from the aforemention top 4 vendors are listed below.

Best Buy –  Complete HCG injection kits from iHCGinjections

  • HCG 5000 IU for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months
  • Wholesale HCG 10,000 IU – 10 Vials for 20 months, 20 Vials for 40 months

Complete HCG injection kits from Nu Image Medical

  • Complete HCG Diet Injection kits – 26-day supply, 46 day supply

HCG injection kits from New Edge Health

  • cheap HCG Injection kits – Single Kit for 30 day, Double kit for 60 day

HCG injection kits from USHCGShots

  • cheap HCG Injection kits – 28-day, 56 day
  • HCG Combo Program – 28 day, Double 28 day

Triumph HCG

  • Drops
  • Hormone & Hormone free option
  • Free delivery
  • Buy One Get one Free
  • deit plan and support

Things To Know Before You Buy Cheap HCG Shots

Are you sure you are buying the right hcg shots ? If not, then here are some of the things you should look out for. Note that cheap always does not mean affordable price. It also means low, pathetic quality, which probably you are not aware of and the result could be quite unpredictable.

“Quality” – Christina

I bought this product and  was  quite satisfied with the instructions. They are easily understandable. I thought I had to starve myself for losing weight, but surprisingly I did not experience any hunger. I lost 30 pounds and would use this product again.

When you are buying cheap hcg shots online, there are certain points that need to be noted such as:

  • the type of hcg hormone – is hcg hormone real, synthetically made or a combo of homeo ingredients and hcg hormone
  • the manufacturing unit – garage or a broken down warehouse does not count
  • customer support – via mail or telephone
  • Company location – genuine brick and mortar location
  • website – informative website that provides apt product details
  • Codes – assured discount codes that are not fake

Some of the top brands that do provide cheap hcg shots with par excellence results are Advanced hcg shots, Nuimage medical, ihcg injections and UShcgshots. They have been used by thousands of dieters who have noted positive weight loss without any side effects.

Cheap HCG Supplies Complaints

By the end of 2014, we see at least half a dozen companies selling cheap quality hcg products. Some drops, some injections. There are even tabs and patches which are sold in the name of hcg with literally, no hcg content in it. The homeopathic hcg diet is one other thing which was banned. Cheap hcg supplies in the US requires some attention from the government and people need to be educated about the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HCG injection kit online cheaper than HCG vials alone?

While you may purchase the HCG vial alone, you may still need the syringe, Needles & bacteriostatic water to inject. If you add up the cost of these products separately, you would end up paying more than purchasing the kit. If you have resources to purchase the syringe, needles etc. then you will find the kit a bit more expensive. It all depends on how resourceful you can get and how much time you are willing to find them online or in a store.
Buy Cheap hcg drops

You can buy cheap hcg drops from the HCG complex by Biosource labs or Triumph hcg. These 2 companies have the best hcg drops but hcg complex is far more affordable as they give you one free bottle of equal value with each purchase. When you go for cheap hcg drops, make sure you dont by cheap hcg drops that are of low quality!


HCG Complex

Biosource HCG Complex is one of the best hormone free hcg drops in the market and a best seller.

Triumph HCG is the oldest hcg Website with hormone free and pure hormone drops

Nuimage Medical

Prescription HCG Injections for weight loss with Doctors Guidance. The best HCG Ever