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Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops is a homeopathic HCG that aims to help you lose weight the natural way. A product of Nutra Pure Premium Health, it claims to offer numerous benefits apart from weight loss. Read on to know all about Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops, features, side effects (if any), reviews, and so on.

Buy Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Supplement for Weight Loss

The Liquid HCG Diet Drops is a weight loss homeopathic drops manufactured by Nutra Pure Premium Health with its headquarters located in Mokena, IL.

A well-designed website, there is much information about the product and offers you many blogs to read. There are quick guides, tips etc. on how to kick-start the HCG diet.

Nutra Pure claims to offer purest homeopathic HCG drops with natural ingredients that offer great results without triggering any side effects.

With every bottle of HCG drops, you will receive Quick Start Guide apart from interesting recipes on how to start and complete the diet successfully. The company offers free shipping anywhere in the USA and offers an excellent return policy.

How does Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops really work?

Nutra Pure homeopathic HCG drops is a clinical-grade supplement that gives you actual results. HCG dieters who have used this product claim that it works without any side effects and they have seen real weight loss occur.

The product targets the hypothalamus and tricks it into thinking that the stomach is full. It also works in curbing unwanted appetite or your mood level that tricks you into entering in an emotional binge. It mobilizes the chubby fat from the body and converts them to energy. This will boost your metabolism thus increasing your energy levels. As a result, you won’t feel tired or lethargic all through the day.

It also ensures that all the necessary nutrients from your diet are safely absorbed by the vital organs. Liquid HCG diet drops are known to stabilize the mind, fight stress, and eliminate irritative behavior that is one of the common symptoms of HCG diet.

We always recommend to follow the instructions carefully and stick with the diet. With proper routine, you will lose 1-2 lbs a day with Liquid HCG Diet Drops. Made using all-natural ingredients, this homeopathic HCG is manufactured using “dilution theory” that ensures higher potency in spite of diluting the ingredients.

Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Ingredients, Benefits & Uses

One 2oz bottle of Nutra Pure HCG Drops comes with homeopathic HCG in 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, and 60x dilution.

The official website does not list out the entire ingredients of the product.

However, one thing is certain that the website published the following statement about its ingredients.

“We are in compliance with FDA guidelines since our formulation
doesn’t contain the real HCG hormone, but only its weight reduction qualities.”

So Nutra Pure HCG Drops does not contain any HCG hormone but has its weight loss qualities only. This confuses the consumer as there is no direct explanation about the ingredients.

Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

So far, there have not been any risks or side effects associated with Nutra Pure Liquid HCG diet drops. However, note that with the low-calorie diet you might notice some side effects. For instance, you might feel dizzy, frequent headaches etc. This will pass within a week of this diet as the body needs some time to get adjusted to the product and the VLCD diet program.

NOTE: This product is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. People under the age of 18 should not use HCG diet drops.

Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

The recommended dosage is 10 drops under your tongue 3x a day. You can use it up to 6 doses a day (10 drops per dose). When you take a dose, let it sit for 2 minutes under your tongue.

If you feel hungry, it means you need to metabolize more fat. This means you need to have more drops. Do not cross the recommended limit.

NOTE: If you are currently on any medication, make sure to consult your medical practitioner before starting this HCG diet.

Is Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Safe?

Yes. Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops are absolutely safe on the body. They are made using natural ingredients and do not trigger any negative reactions in the body.

Homeopathic HCG is free from HCG hormone that can be purchased only with a prescription and is available only at HCG clinics. The cost of prescription HCG is much higher and is not available at affordable price. Plus, a person would rather let professionals do it than having to inject himself. Not to mention the time, energy, and monetary investment that calls for weight loss with HCG.

The benefit of choosing homeopathic HCG drops is you don’t have to endure pain every day to lose weight. These sublingual HCG drops are available at cheap price and can be taken by oneself daily at your own convenience.

When it comes to results, Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops offers the same results as HCG injections only with no pain and minimal investment.

Manufactured right in the USA, these oral HCG diet drops are very much efficient and deliver amazing results without compromising on quality.

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Is Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops FDA Approved?

None of the HCG weight loss products (including prescription HCG hormone drops/shots/pills) have been approved by the FDA.

Regardless of this issue, there are many dieters who still prefer HCG drops for shedding their chubby pounds.

Nutra Pure HCG Drops Reviews & Complaints

Nutra Pure HCG Drops Reviews have been positive so far. There have been no reports of any side effects or adverse reactions after using this product.

However, the HCG diet program as a whole has few mild side effects which you should be wary of.

For instance, you might have to deal with headaches, dizziness, nausea, bloating etc. However, note that these side effects would last only for a couple of days and usually fades away once your body gets adjusted to the HCG and the diet.

That being said, we must say that no two bodies are the same. There are many users who have completed the diet successfully without having to deal with any side effects.

Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Testimonials

There are only limited testimonials available on the official website.

  • (Name not mentioned) – “I lost 40 lbs on the 60-day challenge. I have been overweight for 15 years and have tried many exercise plans and low-carb dieting. Even meal replacement shakes and portion control didn’t work. Even if it did, I would lost only up to 10lbs max. The weight never really stayed off. I never thought this program would work but I actually lost 40 lbs after using your HCG drops with the diet. Just want to say thanks a ton.”
  • Katie – “I lost 55 lbs on the 60-day challenge. I have been struggling with weight loss my entire life. Katie started working out and tried many weight loss products but nothing seems to stick. I would gain the weight right back. I ordered the bottle of Nutra Pure HCG diet drops and lost 55 lbs. The diet was absolutely easy to follow. The customer service too was great and helped a great deal in answering my questions.”
  • (Name not mentioned) – “I lost 43 lbs on the 60-day challenge. I am 30 years old and weighed 215 lbs. I was little skeptical about the HCG diet but then figured it out anyway. The first month I lost 32 lbs. I decided to do it for 2 more months and then lost 43 lbs. My confidence is back and I feel just amazing. I would strongly recommend anyone who is trying the Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops that you will see fantastic results. Couldn’t be happier.”

There are before and after pictures available with Nutra Pure HCG Drops reviews which say a lot about the potency and quality of the product.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops


  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Converts fat into nutrients and enhance metabolism w/o losing muscle fat/fibers
  • No need for vigorous workouts
  • Is a homeopathic blend that offers optimum potency
  • Is manufactured in the USA at FDA-registered facility
  • Abides by GMP rules and regulations
  • Comes with free shipping policy
  • Has 30-day refund policy to its customers
  • Global shipping available


  • The ingredient list is not available
  • Only a few reviews available

Where to Buy Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops

Currently, Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops is not available on Amazon, Costco or Walmart. That’s because the company sells online only direct to its customers by cutting out unwanted middlemen.

Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Price

It all comes down to how long you want to try the diet. Here are the Nutra Pure HCG diet plan programs available.

  • 15-day program (Basic Package) – lose up to 18 pounds – Price $49.95
  • 30-day program (Good Value) – lose up to 31 lbs – Price $69.95
  • 45-day program (Better Value) –lose up to 46 lbs – Price $89.95
  • 60-day program (Best Value) – lose up to 61 lbs – Price $109.95

Currently, there are no Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops Discount coupon codes available.


What is the Nutra Pure shipping policy?

The company offers Free shipping anywhere in the USA. Nutra Pure also offers worldwide shipping but you have to pay a small shipping fee to have the product shipped and delivered.

What is the return policy of Nutra Pure HCG Drops?

The company offers a 30-day refund policy on all returns. If you are for any reason not happy with the results of Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops, you may return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase. Due to hygienic reasons, the product is not shipped to another customer. This results in 35% disposal fee on all returns. This amount will be deducted and the rest of the amount will be refunded to the customers.

Where to buy Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops?

The HCG diet drops can be purchased online for the best price from the official website.

What is the customer support phone number?

You can contact Nutra Pure customer service at 1-630-857-9597 or email them at

Is Nutra Pure HCG drops a scam or fake product?

No, Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops is a genuine company with its headquarters located in Illinois, USA. The company is not a scam and offers homeopathic HCG drops. It is absolutely safe to use this product on your VLCD program that delivers numerous benefits on the body.


For those looking for a natural weight loss result, Nutra Pure Liquid HCG Diet Drops is best recommended. The product is worth every penny and offers genuine weight loss results. If you don’t want synthetic HCG hormone drops, then Nutra Pure is the best you can get online.

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