What is Hydroxocobalamin?

It has a molecular mass of 1346.37g/mol, half life of 6 days and pKa of 7.65. It is usually a clear odorless red liquid solution. It is absorbed in ileum and stored in liver. It has protein binding capacity of 90%. It can be injected through intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous. For self use, intravenous injections are not preferred in absence of a medical practitioner.

Purpose of Hydroxocobalamin 10ML Injection

It is mainly used in treatment for cyanide poisoning. As a member of the cobalamin family, it is also used for treating vitamin deficiency. It has been proved as the scavenger of nitric oxide. It has been essential for two main cellular events – the conversion of the methylmalonic acid to succinate. This reaction links lipid and carbohydrate metabolic reactions.

It aids in the synthesis of methionine synthesis from homocysteine and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate by activating methionine synthase.

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Hydroxocobalamin 10ML Is Used For

The following are the conditions in which the injection of Hydroxocobalamin have proved good and aids in improving the health status.

  • Pernicious anemia
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 (dietary deficiency- for strict vegetarians as vitamin B12 is rare in plant origin.
  • The lesions like gastric atrophy, multiple sclerosis, endocrine disorder, iron deficiency and subtotal gastrectomy will make the sufferers less and inadequate secretion of intrinsic factor. Hydroxycobalamin will help one to improve the situation.
  • Damage of stomach or damage of ileum will result in vitamin B12 deficiency. Hence other sources like injection of hydroxycobalamin are required for fast active of hydroxycobalamin.
  • Regional ileitis, ileac reactions and malignancies will not only affect a single part. It affects the mechanism leading to deficiency of vitamin B12.
  • Blind loop syndrome will have accompanied condition of deficiency of vitamin B12.

Why Hydroxocobalamin 10ML Is Most Preferred?

The preference of hydroxocobalamin by many is due to its unique action in retention and restoring capacity. It has long retention in the body when compared to other forms and the frequency of injection with hydroxocobalamin is less as it restores vitamin B12 serum levels. It is also preferred in children with intrinsic cobalamin disorders. It has a longer half life than cyanocobalamin which helps to stay and act in the body for longer time reducing the frequency of intake. Hydroxocobalamin can be used in pernicious anemic patients with optic neuropathy and tobacco amblyopic patients who are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency.

Main Indications of Hydroxocobalamin

Vitamin B12 deficiency

In countries like UK, 1mg per dose has proved improved statistics for those who got relieved from vitamin B12 injections with hydroxycobalamin compounds. Mainly cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin are the two forms of cobalamin family that are used for treating vitamin B12 deficiency. Both have been tagged as the drug of choice for vitamin B12 deficiency by Martindale Extra Pharmacopoeia and WHO (World Health Organization). When serum levels of vitamin B12 get lesser than 200pg/ml, 1mg of hydrocobalamin injections have proved to improve the levels in the body.

Cyanide poisoning

The mechanism of action playing behind hydroxocobalamin in cyanide poisoning is that it displaces the cyanide with hydroxo ligand forming a stable cyanocobalamin. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, it also helps in scavenging nitric oxide. It helps in the modification of nitric oxide inflammation. The skin cream consisting of hydroxocobalamin and the main ingredient has been proved to reduce chronic skin inflammation. Some studies prove that hydroxocobalamin proved good for those who suffer from a migraine.

Being in cobalamin family it helps in digestion, metabolism, and nerve functioning and red blood cell formation.

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Kit of Hydroxocobalamin 10ml

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  • 10ml of hydroxocobalamin vial
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  • Detailed instructions

Read before the detailed instruction before injecting hydroxocobalamin in your body.



    • Storing it in a refrigerator would be the best.
    • Do not keep in direct sunlight.
    • Keep medicines out of reach of children.

    Before Using Hydroxocobalamin 10ml, Read This

    Some conditions and medical situations may interfere with the hydroxocobalamin and cause serious side effects in the body.

    A doctors concern would be better if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breast feeding, under any medication-prescribed or non prescribed, herbal or dietary. Kindly confirm if you body is safe with intake of hydroxocobalamin.


    Omeprazole may decrease its effect in presence of hydroxocobalamin. Hence if you are taking omeprazole for gastric acidity or gas trouble or prior to any anti inflammatory drug, remember the effect of omeprazole with hydroxocobalamin.

    Warnings before you buy hydroxocobalamin injection for sale

    • If hydroxocobalamin 10ml contains any particles in vial or if it is discolored do not use it.
      Check if it the vial is cracked or damaged. In such situations avoid the usage as it may contain any foreign bodies or glass particles.
    • If you missed a dose of hydroxocobalamin. Administer it as soon as possible. If its already time for the next dose, you don’t have to take double doses at a time. Continue with your regular doses leaving away the missed dose.
    • Do not use expiry dated hydroxycobalamin.
    • Do not take larger doses of hydroxocobalamin until directed by your doctor to your medical condition.

    Side Effects of Hydroxocobalamin 10ml

    Many people do not experience side effects when used in small doses. Seek a medical attention if you feel any discomfort or illness, allergic reactions, diarrhea, blood pressure changes, fainting, itching, pain or redness at site of injection. before you buy hydroxocobalamin injection for sale you should always be aware of side effects.

    Call your doctor immediately if you feel any unusuality with hydroxocobalamin intake. To report your side effects to an appropriated and certified agency with a concerned heart for others health, read the guide to reporting problems to FDA. you cal also buy hydroxocobalamin injection for sale from sites like ushcgshots!