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HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women and it has a very special purpose. When the woman’s body has conceived and then into more than 10 days of this, the body starts producing this special hormone called HCG.

To buy HCG injections, you do not need a doctor’s prescription, nor do you have to worry about getting it illegally. You can get it easily online. Over the counter HCG will require a lot of work from your side and besides, it is not available there as a dietary product. Some of the top companies which sell HCG are iHCG injections, Triumph HCG, Nu image Medical HCG , Complex HCG, Easy HCG, Advance HCG injections etc.

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women and it has a very special purpose. When the woman’s body has conceived and then into more than 10 days of this, the body starts producing this special hormone called HCG. The job of this hormone is to regulate continuous energy supply to the mother and the foetus. The body gets programmed to use fat reserves in order to sustain both bodies even if the amount of food consumed is less.

It is the same theory used in our bodies during the diet. The hormones will trigger the body to simply focus on fat reserves rather than crave for extra food. The body naturally craves rich and fattening food. After using the hormone for the period of the diet, you will notice that this process has changed and you would be wishing for healthy food rather than stuff which are not healthy for the body.

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Starting with the HCG injections

To buy HCG injections, you must first have an aim of how much weight you would like to lose. When you want fast and effective weight loses, you turn to this hormone. When you know how much body weight you want to lose, you will know which program to choose from. These can be divided based on the amount of days you have by the end of which you want to have achieved the body weight you aimed for. This can also be divided based on how many pounds you would like to lose; this will change the concentration of the HCG in the injections or the number of days for which you have to continue with the shots.

The process of making the shots

Natural and real HCG can be prepared by extracting the hormone from the urine of pregnant women. Here, the concentration of the hormone is the maximum. After extracting this, the hormone is taken through processes to purify and made into a form that is usable as a dietary product.

Bacteriostatic water is provided in the kit that comes with the product. Now, HCG, in its powdered form has to be mixed with this water. This mixing has to be done gently, swirling the mixture slowly in a vial. It should not be shaken. This can be then sealed and stored for a while. This liquid should then be injected into your body at the places where the fat concentrations are the highest.

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FDA approved HCG is not something available yet.

There is no such thing as FDA approved HCG injections for weight loss. The farthest in doctor prescribed HCG is for fertility improvement in women. Still, you can go for labs that have been accredited by the FDA along with the method and ingredients. In some forms of the product, other herbs, amino acids and appetite suppressants are added which are also approved by the FDA. When these work together, you will lose weight.

The websites selling the product must include these

A proper website would give you the instructions to mix the liquid for use and for this there is additional equipment. The product will include this equipment. The kit should contain the bacteriostatic water, which is not available anywhere else, the tools you will need to mix and inject the liquid and also to store it.

The website must also have a handbook explaining the product.

They should provide live support in case you have queries regarding the product. This can be email, calls or chat. You should be able to drop in a query.

There must be free and overnight shipping available so that you can get the necessary kits whenever you wish to start the diet. Most companies also include a return policy. Some go as bold as to say that if you do not lose a certain amount of weight in the said period, they would pay you back the cash. Now, get this, there are some websites which even say that they would pay you 10 dollars extra for the trouble!

You will also find the really good websites have a relatively lower pricing than other websites.

Phone consultations with doctors are also made available by some websites.

Recipes that stick to the low calorie diet are also provided.

The guidelines you would have to follow are very simple and very effective. In the beginning, follow a loading phase. In this phase you can eat as much as you want whatever you like. This will help in the transition from your diet to the new diet you will follow during the diet.
In the new diet, you will be eating less than the required amount for your body, in fact, just 500 calories. This is balanced out by the hormone. The hormone will target the reserved fat and make use of that fat to compensate for the lack of food.

The vital nutrients will be in the food you eat, which can be easily obtained by following the recipes you will find on most of these websites. When there are 101 recipes you could use, there really is no problem in sticking to the diet.

After this stage which will last for 40 days, you can start eating a little more than the 500 calories but you will still have to continue using the HCG injections. After this stage is the maintaining stage where you can go back to a normal diet while making sure it is not unhealthy and also stop using the HCG injections. You wouldn’t have to worry about the diet as by now, you are programmed in such a way that you crave only healthy food. You will no longer have to worry about having cravings!

Where to Get HCG injections Online

If you are looking for HCG injections, check out some of the best manufacturers of HCG injections online now. These companies are known to produce High quality HCG injections online and are efficient. While some of the HCG injections manufacturers and retailers online do give full support, there are those few who do not give support but have a great kit which is a DIY process. These HCG injection kits come with required cyringe, Needles, the vial among others. has reviewed some of the HCG injection manufacturers and we have found the Trim HCG injections the best among the lot.

For obvious reasons, the HCG content in the HCG injections manufactured by Trim HCG injections is far higher than the competition. A vial of HCG injections by trim is certified to have 5,000 IU of HCG in it. Manufactured in US the Trim hCG injections are known to have high standards and quality. Apart from the quality of the Vial itself, the Trim HCG injections come with options for self administered without support and With support and multiple pricings for the same. For more information on Trim HCG Injections check out the website at

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