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First, try to buy the HCG injections from a website that is credible. The credibility can be of any form; a friend could recommend it to you, you could have prior experience with it or you would have done enough research on the internet to know which the brands you can trust are.

It is important that you buy HCG injections online if you are planning to try this diet out. Not only are you putting a foreign substance into your body, but you would also be following a strict diet which allows an extremely low intake of food. Under normal conditions, such a low diet could drive you to starvation, but when you are on a HCG diet, you are not under normal conditions.

HCG diets have been proven again and again to help people lose drastic amounts of weight in a very short amount of time. Ever wondered what it is about the diet that drives fat away from the body in such a short notice? I did, too. Time and again, I found myself fascinated by the sheer number of people who have found this diet effective and also by the sheer number of companies that guarantee weight loss and even provide doctors’ prescriptions to make sure that you are going through the right path.

The truth is, the HCG diet was discovered by a doctor, Dr. Simeons in his quest to find out how pregnant women in the third world went for days without food and yet gave birth to healthy babies and also without losing their strength. The answer he found was so simple, but so effective. What do you think shows women they are pregnant in the very beginning of their pregnancy? It is the HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced exclusively in the bodies of pregnant women that helps the body provide for the smaller body growing inside it.

The HCG hormone utilizes the stored fat in the body to substitute for actual food. It is also commonly noticed that women have more difficulty losing weight than man and the simple truth is that there is no way around it; women are simply programmed that way. Fat is stored in women’s bodies to be used when needed, mostly during pregnancy when the body has to support an extra life, one with hunger and cravings of its own.

The pregnant woman has huge production of HCG and this supports the sustenance of the fetus with food from the mother body. Even if a woman goes without food, the necessary energy for survival of both the woman and the baby can be taken from the fat reserves in the body.
The hormone HCG is normally taken from the urine of pregnant woman as this has high concentration of it. The hormone has many uses besides being used for weight loss and it is used clinically. For weight loss, HCG injections can work wonders on an overweight body.

Buy HCG injections online

The question remains that how would you know if the hormone you bought off the internet is the real deal or not. There are a few things you should make sure when you are buying HCG injections online.

First, try to buy the HCG injections from a website that is credible. The credibility can be of any form; a friend could recommend it to you, you could have prior experience with it or you would have done enough research on the internet to know which the brands you can trust are.
It is not really possible to buy HCG injections that are FDA approved. The FDA has not yet approved HCG injections as a weight loss product. The hormone is used in treatments, but not yet in diet programs officially. However, there are FDA approved labs that produce the product. This means that the ingredients used in the product are natural and safe. Look for an FDA accredited facility.

The HCG injections are usually real if there are proper instructions on the website about mixing and using. The method varies in different products, but normally, it involves bacteriostatic water to mix the HCG powder with or the liquid is directly provided in vials. If the product is in powder form, the whole contraption of mixing vials, droppers, etc. are provided along with the product. It is important to be careful while mixing and to follow the mixing instructions carefully.

If you buy the real HCG injections, you wouldn’t have to starve yourself during the diet. Real HCG in your body will break down reserved fat so that you wouldn’t have to rely on food more than needed. You have to provide your body with the basic necessary vitamins for the day or there could be serious side effects. It is very difficult when you are following a very strict diet of about 500 calories, which brings me to my next point.

The real HCG website would give you instructions on how to follow the diet properly. There are diet plans with the right amount and type of food. They tell you which food to eat for each meal. This meal would include protein, bread, fruit and vegetable.

Real HCG injections would provide the necessary calories for the day from the reserve of fat in the body. If you do not feel hungry during the HCG diet, it is conclusive proof that you are on the right track or the right diet. If half way through the diet, you begin to starve, the injection you shot is probably not the real HCG hormone.

Real HCG injections have guarantee. The product will work in the exact prescribed amount of time and with the right dosage mentioned on the website. If it does not, a real website provides refund.

There are also doctor’s prescriptions available depending on the body mass index that would assure you that you are not being given a pseudo medicine that would just starve your body off muscles.

Finally, within 1 week of the diet, you would begin to see the results. Although the websites do claim that you would lose 1 pound per day on the diet, this may not be the same for every person as the reactions of the bodies vary.

If you have found a few the above mentioned points, you are buying the real HCG injections online.

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