Nuimage HCG Injections

  • 5000 IU Vial (for 26 Day Program)
  • Bacteriostatic Water
  • Syringe
  • Swabs

With almost many new US HCG Shots
g brands coming up everyday, dieters are finding it an ardent task to pick a product. Almost every hcg brand claim to be manufactured in a “hygienic facility”. Don’t fret. We are there to help you.

Purchase injectable hcg online now

Now you can purchase injectable hcg online without any prescription or doctors consultation. HCG injections have become a raging fire all over USA. If you are planning to buy HCG injections online in USA then, you have come to the right place. You can purchase USA HCG shots/injections online.

Buy USA HCG injections Kits online

We give you top brands of USA that are manufactured in registered pharmacies. They are also backed up by excellent customer reviews. These top hcg brands come with high grade hcg hormone that have been tested in certified independent lab for its potency. Read on to know more.

Top 4 pure HCG injections in USA

The top 4 HCG injections online in USA are ihcginjections.comNu Image MedicalUS HCG shots and New Edge Health HCG. All four are known for their quality HCG injections, availability of the HCG complete kits as well as the customer support regarding usage of HCG injections.

Of these top 4 pure HCG injections in USA, Nu Image and Advanced HCG (now New Edge Health) offers the HCG injections with a medical prescription that increases their quality, purity and reliability a notch higher. The demand for a prescription ensures that you are fit for the diet and will not compromise your health to lose weight.

Triumph HCG

  • Drops
  • Hormone & Hormone free option
  • Free delivery
  • Buy One Get one Free
  • deit plan and support

ihcg Injections

ihcg injections provides you prescription hcg hormone that is recommended by doctors and usually administered in HCG diet clinics. Prepared in ISO certified manufacturing facility, ihcg injections offers you the purest grade of hcg hormone. Each and every drop of hcg hormone has been tested for its highest potency by an independent lab. Only the purest of the hcg hormone is shipped to ihcg injections customers. The hcg mixing supplies includes everything you need to kickstart your hcg diet without having you running to medical stores. ihcg injections are available to you prescription free worldwide. But for safety reasons consult your healthcare provider before initiating the hcg diet if you are under any health conditions.

Buy hcg kits from Ihcginjections online that provides authentic hormone. With ihcginjections, you are provided with “real hcg hormone” that works on the chubby areas.

When you buy hcg kits for sale online, make sure that they come with rare to less side effects as well. Low calorie diet can put your health on a great risk. Though side effects of ihcginjections do not exist, hcg as a whole has its own range of side effects. So make sure you think it through before starting off this diet.

ihcginjections gives away FREE vitamin b12 with HCG injection kits. This soluble ingredient is available in drops formula. You can simply draw using the syringe, put it on spoon and swallow it. Use 1cc of B12 solution with your ihcginjection daily alternative days to add a healthy supplement to your hcg diet program.

Nuimage Medical

Nuimage Medical HCG offers you supervised hcg diet program. You can be sure that the company is having best benefits regarding your health. The company offers 100% pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone that is manufactured in licensed US pharmacies. Since the hcg is made in USA, you can be sure that the pharmacies are FDA registered and abide by the federal law. Unlike homeopathic products in the market, Nuimage Medical hcg hormone efficiently serves the purpose of weight loss. You won’t feel a drop in your energy levels. The best part when you buy Nu image medical hcg is you will be approved of the hcg program only after scrutinizing your medical records. This is for safety reasons since you will be going through a very low calorie diet. Once approved, you can place the order and start your hcg diet program. Nu image medical has a wide panel of experienced doctors, nurses and pharmacists who guide you at every step of the hcg diet program. So give a call, have a chat or video conference with a medical practitioner for FREE with Nu image medical for a healthy weight loss.


Nu image medical hcg is available in three forms – pellets, drops and injections. You can purchase Nu image hcg injections kit are available for sale online once approved.

A complete USA based hcg, Nu image medical injections can be easily self-administered. The process is absolutely painless. The recommended place is the area below the belly button/abdominal area. It is clearly visible and you can inject it with absolute ease since you are the one holding the shot.

Note that you need to exercise less, get good sleep and cut out stress levels that will help you to lose weight easily with hcg. A 100% Tele-medicine company, Nu image medical provides you real prescription HCG that is sent by licensed US pharmacies.

Biosource HCG Complex Drops

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Hormone Free Drops
  • No side effects
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • Diet Plan And Support

US HCG Shots

USHCG Shots comes without any prescription. Just tbuy them online and in the quantity you require. There are kits available for those who want to start their diet program without a hassle. They are pure , pharmaceutical hcg and is very effective. Also selling B12 injections and other diet prodcuts.

USHCG shots is an online website that sells hcg injection kits for those who want to lose their weight. Made in a fully licensed compounding pharmacy, the hcg hormone stay in its highest potency till it is administered in the body. Choose between the hcg diet program as per the pounds you want to lose. Lipo B12 injections are part of the hcg program and assist the hormone in multiple ways. US hcg shots has received excellent customer reviews from dieters making it one of the sought after brands in USA.

When you buy us hcg shots, you will find a kit that comes with a vial, hcg 5000iu bottle, bacteriostatic water, needles, alcohol wipes, syringes for mixing and 1 FREE bottle of vitamin B12 supplements. The numbers of syringe and swabs vary depending on the package. There may or may not be free products from vendors.

The has a 28 day HCG injection kit and a double 28 day HCG combo program kit. The 28 day kit can be used for 28 day HCG diet program. The double 28 day combo program is for those who want to continue the HCG diet for a second month. It can also be used by a couple if they want to go for a diet program together.

USHCG shots is known for its purity. These Pure US HCG injections come in 5000IU Vials. You can buy HCG injections online now from various sites. The team at online is excellent in customer service. They have the best products and a bee line of customers who are satisfied with their product. Check out the website for more information especially if you are planning to buy HCG injections online which are made in the USA.

What other products does US HCG shots have?

Apart from selling the HCG injections for weight loss, there are other products available from US HCG shots online store which includes:

  • Vitamin B12 shots in the forms of cyanocobalamine and methylcobalamin.
  • Athletic pro
  • Lipo 30 ml injections
  • Glutathione injections

Nuimage HCG Injections

  • 5000 IU Vial (for 26 Day Program)
  • Bacteriostatic Water
  • Syringe
  • Swabs

New Edge Health (Advanced HCG)

New Edge health has upgraded itself to a whole level bringing in many weight loss products, hcg, being one of them. The company offers you 5000iu vials of potent hcg that needs to be followed with the very low calorie diet. HCG has been shown to simulate testosterone that prevents lose muscle mass while losing the fat. New Edge health HCG is available in injection formula that is known for its peak efficiency. If you are purchasing from New Edge health make sure to register first. Based on your health to undergo the hcg diet, will you be approved from a panel of healthcare providers. This is to cut down any risks if you are currently under any medication for health condition.

The New Edge Health team has now prepared a whole new program where it is not just about “weight loss” anymore. From the composition of hcg diet program to anti-aging program, New Edge health ensures that you will be delivered best quality services.

Currently, there are two hcg diet kits available. There are additions as well such as amino acids booster, lipotropic injections etc. that can be taken with New Edge Health hcg diet program. When taken with the HCG diet program, the results are simply amazing with more weight loss and minimal side effects.

Manufactured absolutely in USA, take a walk in New Edge health clinic and chat with a medical practitioner who can also advise you with the perfect dietary program.

  • heart diseases
  • respiratory disorders such as asthma
  • thyroid disorder
  • ovarian cyst

and so on, make sure to consult your medical practitioner before implementing the hcg diet.

USA HCG injections online Reviews & Testimonials

The claim that hcg injections work much more efficiently than drops or pellets have made many users to choose HCG injections. The online customer reviews and testimonials are excellent with many people loving HCG shots over drops. Though few users were skeptical about the pain they had to undergo, self-administering made it quite easy. Weight loss is another crucial factor that people noticed after trying hcg shots. They also claimed good energy levels and less appetite with very few side effects.

On the downside, dieters claim that they suffered low libido, worse headaches, sagging face and many more. Women noted heavy menstrual cycle and sickness feeling during the menstruation.

Inkyblack – “I have done the hcg injections for obesity. I lost 40 lbs. I did lose few of my muscle mass but that’s okay. What people need to understand is to follow the hcg plan as per the Dr. Simeons protocol. Many people fail because they find it difficult to adhere. But when you do it right, it actually works.”

Loseitnowshan – “I lost 78 lbs with HCG injection. I am feeling great. I have kept off the weight for 2 years”.

lexus985 – “I do not recommend the prescription hCG shots. I had to deal with worst headaches of my life, not to mention the right side of my face started sagging. I was feeling very weak as well. I had three tests before the doctor concluded it was hcg. It might help with weight loss but not worth risking your health”.

To sum it up, USA hcg injections fair a better score than other hcg products in the market. They meet the standard expectations of a dieter and assist them in proper weight loss without any adverse reactions on the body.

Top 3 hcg injections for sale

  • US HCG Shots : A lot of sale on the hcg hcg injections here. No coupons required
  • New Edge Health : One of the best hcg injections for sale. Comes with excellent support and most of all, an excellent product
  • iHCG injections : Cheap product, effective and worth to be in the list of HCG injections for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions about USA HCG Injections

Where Can You Buy Hcg Weight Loss And B12 Injections Online?

Since OTC purchase of hcg is banned by FDA, the best place to purchase hcg diet injections for weight loss is obviously online. The official websites of UShcgshots and ihcginjections are excellent choice to buy pure high quality hcg hormone. You can choose from their official retailers as well who deliver the real brand. Usually many brands come with B12 included in the hcg kit. If not, you can purchase it from the above companies – Nu image medical, US hcg shots or ihcg injections.

Make sure to use hcg coupon codes, discount codes etc. Companies give you promotional offers that will work for them. You will get a good cut-off on the original price which means extra shillings on the pocket.

Few people if hcg injections are made in USA. NOTE that not all companies manufacture hcg in USA. This means you have to be vigilant while choosing hcg kits online. However, the mentioned top 3 brands manufacture hcg hormone for weight loss right here in USA.

Is it legal to buy HCG injections online on sale in USA?

Yes, it is legal to buy HCG injections online on sale in USA. Though its illegal to sell HCG injections over the counter, There are no legal clause for purchasing hcg injections or hcg drops online for weight loss.

Are Pure HCG drops better than hcg injections?

HCG drops are great. But then hcg injections work better. If you notice that the HCG injections are much purer while HCG drops are always homeopathic and mixed with some extra ingredients. The efficacy of the HCG drops are also considerably lower than that of HCG injections. Most of the people who have tried HCG drops and injections will tell you that hcg injections work better. Now this does not mean that HCG drops don’t work. Its just that hcg injections are technically better. There are 1000’s of people who have found great success with hcg drops.

Yes, you can purchase hcg injections online. As a matter of fact, it is the most convenient way to purchase HCG injections or drops for weight loss. Since sale of HCG drops over-the-counter is banned in the USA, many people are moving to injections. Now any form of OTC HCG for weight loss is banned in the USA. That leaves most people with only one option – Order HCG injections online!

Why purchase hcg injections made in USA?

The best quality products require some degree of monitoring. While most companies will work for profit, there are companies which will abide the law. HCG products can be manufactured in other countries without any quality guidelines. Purchase hcg injections made in USA and be assured that there are some degree of quality control. The manufacturing facility must be of pharmaceutical grade. If it is manufactured in an FDA approved area, be assured that you wouldn’t be dealing with 3rd rated products.

Purchase hcg online – Risks and precautions

You can purchase hcg online. The risks are completely yours. There will be no liabilities from the companies selling it or from promoters of the product. Be careful and administer caution. Always consult your doctor before going on a diet. Also let them know about the brand and if possible, bring the label of the product to let them know the ingredients. if you purchase hcg online and the product is tampered, send back the product. Do not use tampered products.


HCG Complex

Biosource HCG Complex is one of the best hormone free hcg drops in the market and a best seller.

Triumph HCG is the oldest hcg Website with hormone free and pure hormone drops

Nuimage Medical

Prescription HCG Injections for weight loss with Doctors Guidance. The best HCG Ever