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Fast escrow refills is an online pharmacy store that offers cheap weight loss products such as Corion HCG 5000 IU injections. Read Corion hcg reviews here. Though it is mainly used for infertility treatments, there are many consumers who use the product for hcg weight loss. Scroll down to know more about Corion HCG, benefits, reviews and more.

What Is Corion High Purity Hcg?

Corion high purity hcg is originally intended for weight loss. But over the discovery of hcg for weight loss by Dr. Simeons many people are using hcg brands for shedding that excess baggage. The product is used by both men and women though many hcg dieters feel that hcg works only for women.

Corion HCG when combined with a promising diet plan claims to lose weight effectively helping them to attain the desired body shape without any adverse side effects. Many people claim that hcg diets can help them to gain back their confidence every time they take a look at the mirror thus motivating them emotionally as well as physically.

Corion high purity hcg is available as injection formula. This is because hcg injections work almost promptly in the body. Since they are directly injected to the body system, they function immediately and begin to break down the abnormal fat in the body without losing the muscle mass.

Note that you need to have a prescription if you are ordering from Corion high purity hcg. If you do not have a prescription, fast escrow refills has a panel of experienced doctors who will work with you. Only after proper scrutiny of your medical records will you be approved of the hcg diet. This is for safety measures concerned your health and inhibit any health risks.

The 500 very low calorie diet (VLCD) needs to be followed mandatorily if you are serious about losing weight with hcg. Keeping a restriction on the diet will also help you to curb binge eating, emotional eating etc. that can lead to sudden weight gain.

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Corion High Purity Hcg Dosage & Instructions – How To Mix & Use HCG 5000iu Injections


  • 1 – 5000iu vial of hcg will have a powder. Make sure you buy enough for uninterrupted hcg diet.
  • HCG injection kit (includes mixing syringes, empty sterile vial, bacteriorstatic water bottle, alcohol pads or swabs)
  • Mixing Corion High Purity HCG
  • Clean the 5000iu vial using the alcohol pads/swab
  • Take the mixing syringe draw 2 ml of bacteriostatic water. Insert it to the bottle of Corion hcg. Now twirl it gently to make sure the hcg is absolutely dissolved.
  • Pull the same 2ml of this hcg solution using the mixing syringe.
  • Insert this solution to the empty vial.
  • Add 3 ml more of the bacteriostatic water to this vial (that now has 2ml of hcg solution).
  • Choose your dose. While most people choose 125-200IUs with each hcg shot (1x per day). While many go with the lower dose of 125iu, few need 175iu or 200iu of corion hcg shot.

How To Use 5000iu Corion High Purity HCG

Clean the area you want to inject using alcohol swab or alcohol pads. Many hcg dieters go with belly area, an inch away from the belly button or your upper thigh since the area is easily visible and accessible.

Take an injection needle. Remove the safety tip. Pass the needle through the hcg bottle and hold it upside down to draw the recommended dose (12.5 units = 125iu, 15 units = 150iu, 17.5 units = 175iu and 20 units = 200iu).

Once drawn, pinch the injection site a bit. Now stick the needle right in (not at an angle). If you have good amount of fat, you won’t feel a thing or else will feel a pricking sensation. Make sure to change the injection site each day, for instance, left thigh or belly area.

Corion HCG Warnings & Indications

Corion high purity hcg is quite a potent product that contains real human chorionic gonadotropin. If you have recently undergone any surgery or dealing with any condition such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes etc. make sure to consult your medical practitioner before implementing the hcg diet.

Corion hcg diet is not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing for chances of multiple pregnancy or any complication to the unborn foetus. Since the hcg diet calls for very low calorie diet, it will not only affect the mother but the baby as well.

If you are planning to get rid of post pregnancy weight gain, consult your medical practitioner before implementing the hcg diet.

Corion High Purity Hcg Side Effects

Few users report no curb in hunger while on the hcg diet. This can happen on two reasons

  • Initial phase where it is difficult to curb the hunger
  • Their body is more potent that calls for a higher dose of hcg
  • Regardless of any of the above, it is not a ‘side effect’ and rather a temporary phase that will fade away within a week.
  • There are no adverse reactions reported by users after using Corion high purity hcg. People have successfully lost their weight without any harsh reactions.

However, side effects of HCG overall has been reported with many people claiming mild side effects such as

  • nausea or dizziness
  • vomiting sensation
  • irritative mood behavior
  • low energy levels
  • increased thirst and hunger
  • gloomy feel and depression
  • lack of sleep and more

For those who are taking hcg diet seriously, make sure to consult your healthcare provider before taking on the Corion hcg diet for safety reasons.

Corion HCG Guidelines

If you are unsure about the corion 5000 i.u. hcg dosage, consult your medical provider who will give instructions on the dosage. Make sure to follow it correctly. You can contact Fast Escrow Refills or consult your doctor in case of any queries.

Corian hcg injections needs to be stored in refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degree Celsius. Ensure that it stays away from direct sunlight. Store them in a place which is inaccessible to pets and children to prevent any accidental poisoning.

Corion High Purity Hcg Drug Interactions

Patients who were treated using Corion 5000iu (high purity hcg) reported rare reactions such as fever, rash etc. Female patients who have been treated with Corion hcg reported unpleasant ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome while men experienced sodium and water retention.

Note that these reports were taken from patients who were undergoing treatment for infertility.

Corion HCG Reviews

I do not have a prescription. Can I still order products from fast escrow refills?

Yes, but before that you need to fill a medical questionnaire that will be verified by a panel of doctors. They will be contacting you to clarify any questions as well. Only upon proper study will you be approved of hcg products.

Though there are no Corion hcg reviews found on the website of Fast Escrow Refills for Corion High Purity HCG, there are forums where people report that the product is highly potent than most brands making it a successful partner for weight loss.

You can choose between Corion hcg 2000iu and Corion 5000iu of hcg though Fast Escrow Refills currently has only 5000iu.

A minor group of users claimed that they felt more hunger after using Corion high purity hcg. But experts claim that the body is more potent and is hence craving for more food. If you increase the dosage of hcg, you will feel less hungry with good amount of energy.

The only downside is the injection kit that needs to be purchased separately. You need to consider the fact that the product works as an infertility treatment as well as an weight loss product. Since Corion hcg is used by medical practitioner themselves for pregnancy, the injection kit is not included.

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What If I Miss A Dose Of Corion High Purity Hcg

First of all, DON’T PANIC!!! Its okay if you miss a dose. Do not go and inject a double dose on the body. This is quite common and there are ways to handle this. Do not feel that you have messed up the hcg diet. Now, there are three ways to handle the situation.

  • Since HCG remains in the body for upto 3 days after the last dose, realize that you still have a lot of hcg in the body to handle the diet loss system. Take the next dose at the scheduled time.
  • If you don’t remember whether you have taken the hcg injection, the best way is to hold it till the next day morning. This is another way to prevent double dosage. Though double dose is not dangerous, it will certainly not help in weight loss.
  • Lastly, if you feel it’s still early of daytime and have the time to get the HCG shot, feel free to take the Corion injection. If you have realised it by afternoon or evening, hold it till next day morning.

P.S.: Make sure that such things do not happen again. Always take the hcg injection in the morning and make sure to keep a consistent time for therapeutic benefits on the body. In simple words, too much or too little hcg just won’t work the desired results.

What If I Overdose Myself With Corion High Purity Hcg

Since Corion toxicity is very low to none, you need not panic about any side effects. Nevertheless the effects of overdose of Corion has not yet been confirmed in humans.

Corion Hcg 5000 iu (Fast Escrow Refills) Discount Codes And Coupon Codes

There are discount coupons that you can avail of so that you can get Corion hcg or any product you desire at a discounted price. You can also subscribe to newsletters that will keep you updated on any new promotional offers provided by the company.

Fast Escrow Refills Shipping & Returns

Fast Escrow Refills ships worldwide. But they do not ship pharmaceutical products for few countries such as Australia, India, Germany, Brazil, Mauritius, Sweden, Spain, UAE, Ireland, Italy and Mexico.

Fast Escrow Refills does not come with any return policy because the product once opened can get contaminated which will reduce the potency. Nevertheless, if you have placed a wrong order and the pharmacy has not dispatched the product OR if the company ships a wrong order to you, you are eligible for a refund. If at all, the pharmacy has dispatched the product, then unfortunately your amount will not be refunded. It is important that you understand all the T&C before placing an order for optimum customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

buy ihcg injections

No prescription needed with ihcg injections. Easy to buy and great products too. Quality HCG with Kits available for 21 day or 42 day diets. Also couple packages avalable and ihcg injections sell wholesale too.

Who is the manufacturer of Corion hcg?

The manufacturer of Corion hcg is Win Medicare.

Is Corion hcg available in Canada?

Yes, Corion high purity hcg is available in Canada.

Is Corion hcg available in drops formula?

No, there is no Corion hcg drops formula available and is available for injection only.

Does Corian work for hcg diet?

Yes, there are many hcg dieters who use Corian high purity hcg for weight loss purpose also.

Can I buy corion hcg online for sale from amazon?

No, Corion hcg is available only on online pharmacy stores such as

Is Corion hcg fake or legit?

Corion hcg is a genuine product with many online pharmacies delivering it to customers in many countries. Though corion hcg is designed for pregnancy related conditions, many people use it weight loss.

Which is better – corion hcg vs ovidac?

Both Corion and Ovidac are medications that are used to treat fertility issues in both men and women. In recent times, they are used by many dieters for weight loss. Both the products come with the basic ingredient – hcg though many claim that Corion is much more a potent brand than Ovidac. However the price of Corion is a bit more when compared to Ovidac. Consumer reviews say that both the products are good in curbing the appetite and retaining energy levels in the body during VLCD phase.


There are hundreds of brands in the market that promise to deliver great weight loss results. Corion high purity hcg, however, is a product that is a prescription medication that is used to treat women and men’s health condition. It is clearly evident that the contents are genuine and there is no faking. Coming to weight loss, you will find forums where hcg dieters rave about the results that Corion delivers. If you are looking to shed that excess pounds from your body, Corion high purity hcg is advised for you.

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