Weight loss is not easy with the ban on HCG from Pharmacies without prescription, but hcg online suppliers are taking the loot with a range of products, some even fake like the HCG powder. Find cheap hcg supplies from genuine vendors now. May it be HCG injections or drops , the list below will prove satisfactory!
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Nuimage Medical HCG injections

Nuimage medical HCG injections for weight loss are reated the best in the industry. Check out some of the best discounts, deals and coupons online. Nuimage also offers Pellets & HCG drops. They also come with a range of supplements for hcg weight loss including protien shakes, Lipotropic injections and Methylcobalamin Shots.

HCG diet injections are considered the most effective weight loss program. The HCG hormone mobilizes the stored fat molecules into the vicinity of the cell metabolism. The energy generated from these molecules helps keep up with the ultra low calorie diet recommended along with it. Since the HCG diet injection kits contain pure pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone in powder form,  this powder needs to be mixed with bacteriostatic water provided. This mix should be refrigerated immediately. These ihcg injections kits cost a bit higher than expected. But it is not advisable to find the cheapest product also.

Nuimage HCG Injections

  • 5000 IU Vial (for 26 Day Program)
  • Bacteriostatic Water
  • Syringe
  • Swabs

Cheap HCG Diet Injection Kits and other Cheap HCG Supplies

The cheap priced HCG diet injection kits may not have the real HCG in them. Buying cheap HCG injections means to get the top quality HCG injections at the most affordable price it is available. There are a few criteria with which the HCG injections kits are to be bought. They are first of all quality, reliability of the manufacturer, the reviews and testimonials from the customers, the deals or discounts applicable by many manufacturers, coupons codes available if any etc. All these factors should be taken into consideration while looking for the cheap HCG diet injections. Lets look at these points closely:

  • Quality of HCG Diet Injections: For weight loss the HCG injections is required in lesser quantity. A good quality HCG diet injection kit will have the hormone concentration that allows a dosage of 125 IU – 200 IU per day. The given vial of HCG will have enough amount of HCG to last for the required number of days for the minimum amount of dosage. The HCG injection product should have accreditation from the respective boards and FDA.
  • Manufacturer Reliability: HCG diet injections kits are better if purchased from an established and reliable manufacturer who have a good rating for the quality and accreditation. A manufacturing company that can provide support and better price gets more marks. Usually HCG injections with pharmaceutical grade are available with a prescription only. But there are companies that get the same quality HCG without prescription. The company that provides HCG injection kit with a prescription provided by their own doctors is the best one hands down. In this case buying HCG diet injections kits for cheap price is not applicable as there is a guarantee for the best product. The HCG injection kit should have the hormone produced within US.
  • Deal, Discounts and Coupon Codes: Find the company that has the best deal or discount while purchasing the HCG diet injections directly from their site. The discounts may be applicable if two or more HCG injection kits are bought together. The need for more HCG injection kits arises when the weight loss program is longer and may lasts for more than a month, like in the case of 43 or 53 days programs.
  • Customer Testimonials: Refer to the customer testimonials of the chosen HCG injection kit. See if it is the right product for the weight loss target you want. Find the inclusions in the HCG injection kits. There are many HCG injection kits that do not have HCG vial in it. The HCG will have to be purchased separate or is available with the basic kit with 2 vials of HCG. The HCG injection kits without HCG will have only the mixing ingredients and the injection supplies.

Biosource HCG Complex Drops

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  • Hormone Free Drops
  • No side effects
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
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  • Diet Plan And Support

The HCG diet

The HCG diet insists on a low calorie diet of 500 calories per day. These calorie restrictions apply to the choice of the food items to consume. Food with starch, sugar, and fats are completely avoided. The low calorie is going along with the HCG injections. The very low calorie diet (VLCD) is to be followed for as long as the HCG injections last and for an additional 3 days until all traces of HCG is gone from the body. The result is loss of one pound of body weight per day. The HCG injections last for as long as the program recommends and it ranges from 15 -90 days.

Cheap HCG Injection Kits from HCG online suppliers

The HCG injection kit includes only the HCG in the powdered form for the necessary days or months. Each vial of the HCG has 5000 IU of white lyophilized powder. This powder is to be mixed with bacteriostatic water that will be available with the mixing kit. The non-mixed HCG vials can be stored in a cool place for 2 yrs. Once mixed the HCG mix should be kept in refrigerator. The mix can last for 30 days. To get cheap HCG injection kit, find the best companies with legitimate good quality HCG injection kit. Compare the prices and look for any deals or coupons available for each. Choose the best option that suits you. It is not the lowest price that makes a product, the quality products which one can get at the best price that suits the individual is considered cheap. The same goes with HCG injection kits as well. The best quality HCG injection kit with maximum discount makes it the cheap purchase.

Triumph HCG

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Cheap Mixing Kits

Basically, all the HCG injection mixing kits include the 1 cc needles, mixing syringes of the convenient capacities, bacteriostatic water in a 30 ml bottle, alcohol pads and empty sealed 10 ml sterile vials for mixing. The HCG vial will not be included in this mixing kit. The number of sterile needles depends on the number of days each program prolongs. There are 23 days, 33 days, 43 days, and 53 days programs. The number of needles will be appropriate for each one. The dosage is 125- 200 IU or sometime 250 IU depending on the size of the individual. According to the dosage each kit lasts for 20, 25, or 30 injections. This is where the price of the HCG injection kits comes to light. Since for longer period programs more items is needed the number of kits also increases.

A cheaper priced HCG diet mixing kit is much affordable than a single high priced one. Since many companies are offering deals when purchasing many kits that are for monthly, 2 or 3 months’ supply etc can be opted. To shed more body weight like 90 pounds or nearer the individual will have to have the HCG injection mixing kit that lasts that long. Do not just look for the cheap price only. The cheapest priced product may have low quality injection needles that can cause infections and more trouble. The cheap mixing kits are available from many leading manufacturers. It is better to buy mixing kits from those companies that also sell the HCG injection kits as well.

Mixing Instructions: The top of the bacteriostatic water bottle is swiped clean and take out the water with a mixing syringe and pour it into the empty mixing vial. Take 10 ml of the water is mixed into the HCG vial and mix it by swirling. Do not shake the vial. The dissolved HCG is then transferred into the mixing vial and then add the remaining water into it and mix well.

Cheap HCG Injection Supplies and hcg Powder

The HCG injection supplies are easy to handle and convenient for self injecting at home. These HCG supplies are needed on daily basis and make the essential part of the HCG diet. There is no need for a professional assistance unless otherwise felt. The HCG injection supply includes the HCG vial, mixing bacteriostatic water, insulin syringes, alcohol pads etc.

  • Bacteriostatic water is something that is needed to mix the HCG powder to form the liquid that is being injected. This does not come with the HCG injection kit but only with the mixing kits. The number of bottles required depends on the HCG diet protocol duration. Longer the program more number of bottles will be needed. One bottle is used to mix one vial of HCG.
  • Injection syringes makes the essential part of the HCG supplies, without which HCG cannot be administered. The size of the syringe has its choice in some brands but in others the standard size is followed. In some brands customization can be done for both the number of syringes and size of the needles etc. The cheap HCG supplies kit comes below $50 or higher. But make sure that these supplies are excellent and do not cause any allergy or infection.
  • Mixing syringes help take the bacteriostatic water and add it into the HCG. This is the way to mix HCG and not by adding HCG into the water.

The HCG injection mixing kits and the supplies are the ones that determine if the HCG diet injection kit is cheap or high priced. When there are very less companies that makes pure and real HCG there are many number of brands that provides the HCG supplies at cheap price. If needed the needles and mixing syringes are available individually. Even the bacteriostatic water is also available for purchase. Select the best options and make a mix ‘n’ match HCG supplies mixing kit. This way you need to buy only the needed number of needles and nothing in excess.

Cost of HCG diet injections

Once you have decided to buy HCG diet injections for weight loss, purchase the HCG diet injections from the best online HCG website. The factor that pulls back the dieter from his buying decision is regarding the cost of HCG diet injections. Many have a misconception that buying HCG diet injections online is costlier. The truth is buying HCG diet injections online saves your money than buying them from retail outlet. Following are some of the cheap HCG diet injection providers available online:

  • Nu Image Medical – At Nu Image Medical HCG, the cost of HCG diet injection for a 26 day program is $297.00. The prices may vary as they keep offers and discounts.
  • Advanced HCG – the cost of HCG diet injection at Advanced HCG for a 25+ day program is $199.00
  • iHCG injections – Compared to the above 2, the cost of HCG diet injection is low. IHCG injections provide HCG diet injections starting from $115.00

It is recommended that you check online at their official website before buying HCG diet injections.