Buy HCG Injections online and the Check out the reviews on the Best HCG Drops in the Market. We Review some of the best HCG products online and Offline. Get the best customer reviews, Real life testimonials and complaints about products that no one else will tell you.

Weight Loss with HCG is not new. The Choice between HCG injections and HCG drops have always been Daunting for many of us. I am not here to tell you which one is better. You have probably made your decision already. But I can suggest some of the best HCG drops and Some of the BEST hcg Injections you can buy online for weight loss. Remember, these are not used to treat infertility. This is for weight loss. Below are some of the Best hcg injections and HCG drops people have found success with. We have put them as some of the best based on certain criteria and conditions. Cost is sometimes overlooked, unless its exorbitant. Efficiency is never ever put aside.

  • Excellent Customer Testimonials
  • Best priced in the market
  • Very Effective
  • Great support
  • Forums, Diet books and constant push to achieve goals

Biosource Labs HCG complex is one of the best sellers in the market for hcg drops. They have been giving one on one free since a long time and its worked great on many people, both in terms of price and efficiency of weight loss. The Supporting ebook is perfect. The Forum consists of recipes, tips tricks and the whole lot. Its probably one of the few Diet drops to have the best content, greatest reviews and wonderful testimonials. Simply Put, HCG complex is the Best HCG drops in the market in every way.

HCG Oral Drops with the difference

Its not just price when it comes to hcg complex. There is a lot more that they bring to the table. The weight loss diet and the entire support team is there to help you. The forums and blogs are filled with information and your chances of losing on your weight loss goals are reduced by a good percentage. ITs just another hcg oral drops for people but then its the product which has changed the life of 1000’s of people.

  • The best Reviews in the market
  • Slightly more priced
  • VERY effective
  • Excellent Support

The website has been in the market for a longer period of time. The reviews are excellent. The only downside being the price. The efficacy of hcg Triumph is bit more than that of the complex hcg diet drops but, the price is nearly double!

Overall, i would consider Triumph hcg better than hcg complex if not for the price. The Support and supporting material including the ebook and recipes are unlimited. The blog itself contains more recipes for Dieters than any other place. The only downside of this product is the price. Triumph hcg has supporting products like the Appetite suppressants and Garcinia Cambogia to go with the diet for faster and convenient Weight loss.


How did we categorize the hcg drops to be the best?

  1. The hormone content in the HCG drops
  2. The efficiency with the diet which enables optimum if not maximum weight loss
  3. Customer support from the vendor
  4. Price
  5. Additional Resources available (Diet books, recipes etc)

HCG Triumph Reviews

One of the best hcg diet drops in the market, HCG triumph has the best reviews for that reason. Excellent support and the best product together, the website is pushing weight loss industry to the corner. There are a range of subsidary, supporting products too which are pushed to help people lose weight. Not amazingly, the HCG triumph reviews are worth reading. Check out the reviews section for more information.

Buy HCG Injections Online

  • Prescription Based
  • Mediocre Support.
  • Good Quality Product
  • More Experienced in the industry
  • Genuine Doctors

Nuimage Medical is one of the Oldest Prescription based HCG injection vendors for weight loss. The Diet program is extensive and there are numerous reviews for this product. Unfortunately some of them seem to be on the negative side, specifically for the Customer support. Clients have complained time and again about the lack of support and no response from the support team. The money back policy too is a hassle. You can buy hcg injections online from Nu image medical and it comes with a doctors prescription.

2 Notable sources to buy HCG injections online without hassle

ihcg injections sells hcg injections in kits. They have a wonderful review and you can buy hcg injections online from ihcg injections. They are pure, tested and one of the best. They do come without a prescription. Unfortunately, the hcg injections by ihcg is not manufactured in the USA and this could create a big problem for people who intend to return the product due to some fault. But then, there are no returns for hcg injections once the package is opened.! comes with a prescription. The prescription requires you to fill in a form , and then buy the hcg injections online. Once the form is approved, they will ship the product to your shipping address. It sounds more like a formality and we havent heard anyone who were rejected by ushcgshots from a purchase.

How did we categorize the HCG injections to be on the top list?

  1. Prescription quality
  2. Doctors Prescription (Albeit online)
  3. Availability of diet program
  4. Support
  5. Price

Other factors which are not mentioned but play a role in the ratings include money back guarantee, Ingredients, Success rate, Testimonials, Reversal (returns) rate  & Shipping policies.

The Best place to purchase HCG injections without prescription

While most websites will ask you a lot of questions and get them evaluated by a doctor, there are stores online which deliver the best hcg injections and ampules without any prescription. These injections are pharmacy grade, tested and highly approved by customers and a few doctors too. The price for these injections are affordable and you could to some extent call these cheap hcg injections. Cutting down the cost of prescription and providing the service has made these hcg injection vendors act like regular stores. You could purchase a range of hcg injections from Corion, Ovidac and more at these stores without any prescription. There are injection kits available too. Always remember when you buy hcg injections online to check out for reviews. Dont go by the word of the manufacturer. Go deep on as many customer testimonials. If possible Contact some of them and find the reviews. Also find out why some products did not work for people.

New Edge Health HCG injections

buy hcg injections online
  • Prescription Based
  • Effective Support.
  • Excellent Quality Product
  • 100% Satisfied customers

New Edge Health has been under the name of advance HCG injections since 2010. They have changed their website with upgraded products and better services from the doctors. Enhancement in not just the HCG product, the New edge health has a line of other products too. New edge health has some of the most satisfied customer base and no return at all from customers. Testimonials on New edge health has been verified. This is the Number one source to buy hcg injections online today.

Fast Escrow Refills

  • No prescription Needed
  • Very Cheap
  • Pharmacy grade HCG injections 100% genuine
  • No Returns

What to watch out for when you Buy hcg drops online

There is no other option if you want to buy hcg drops. You have to buy hcg drops online! now there are a few things which no one can tell you, because there are no doctors to guide you. There are no right brands or the right company that is recommended in public. There are no adverts on TV and there will be no celebrities backing a brand. Thats the reason you have to understand these things before you buy hcg drops online

  1. Quality : Quality is the first thing. Check out the ingredients. You will want to know how much of hcg goes into it. The purity is based on the quantity. With less than 10%, many companies claim to be the best purest hcg drops in the market. Dont go for it!
  2. Returns : You dont like the product, you should be able to return it. Online purchases are successful because they take the product back if you dont like it. So if you buy hcg drops online, check the return policy. if they accept returns in 10 days, DONT buy it. Its at least one month trial. They need to give you at least 15 days.
  3. Support : When it comes to hcg and weight loss, you need all the support you can get. Inspiration on one side, the support when you are not losing weight after doing all the right thing is more important. There should be genuine people to tell you what to do if you are stuck!