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First let me clear out what bottle HCG is, bottle HCG is nothing but HCG drops. The weight loss miracle with HCG drops is something beyond words. Triumph HCG drops are an ultimate cure for obesity also.

HCG drops have been in news for both good and bad since the time it was discovered that it can be used for weight loss. There has been debate on its effectiveness. Some rigorously protested its existence while some became its religious followers. But over the years, it has become very popular among the masses who want to reduce their extra mass and why won’t it be?? It has offered to them a very simple and easy solution for one of their complex and tough problem – Extra Weight! And what they found more interesting in these drops is that its efficiency in providing quick results. But then not everything works for everyone. So hcg bottle reviews is a combo of sweet and spicy!
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If you will look at the HCG bottle reviews by people, you will find that the good HCG bottle reviews are more in proportion than bad hcg bottle reviews. Though in small quantity, there have been bad reviews so let’s have a look at both sides of the reviews.

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The HCG Bottle Reviews – Good ones

Most of the people who has used bottle hcg has given a thumps up and are happily suggesting it to their near and dear ones. By simply taking the bottle hcg and following the VLCD (very low calorie diet) they have lost high number of pounds from their weight reserves. It is very comfortable you know, no rigorous exercises, no starving, just take the drops and follow the diet. Even though the diet is of very low calories, the hcg will compensate for the low calorie intake. But honestly as a health freak, I do love exercise and consider it to be one of the best options to stay fit, but then for those who have a really good amount of weight that need to be reduced, hcg is a blow of relief!In one of the positive hcg bottle reviews, the person stated that hcg chucked out around 95lb weight from his system! And even after stopping the doses, he didn’t gain any weight! In an another hcg bottle review, the user said that she has been using hcg drops along with some special diet plan and this has helped her to lose a big amount of fat and has not experienced any kind of negative side effects.More Reviews and Testimonials at

Some people have seen profound results with just 3 weeks usage i.e less than a month! So for some people their body has worked actively with the hcg and shown quick results, while in some people’s body hcg has taken a little more time to produce results. So when calculated the effectiveness and satisfactions of HCG as rated by users seems to be very good.

HCG Bottle Reviews – Negative ones

Now for some people the experience with hcg was not a pleasant one. One person in the bottle hcg reviews said that he lost lots of hair after he started taking the hcg diet and now he has nice five clean bald patches on his head (but he also stated in his review that hcg was successful in removing fat from his body and he did lose weight. He lost almost 26 pounds within a span of 2-3 weeks, but along with weight, he also lost his hair!) and few more people reported that they experienced heavy hair fall after the usage of hcg. One lady stated that in the process of losing weight using hcg she actually gained an increase in her blood pressure, her blood pressure went upto 195/115. Hair loss, increase in the blood pressure are some of the problems that some people have experienced with the usage of the HCG.

Based on both the reviews, I would strictly suggest that you should consult a doctor before starting with an hcg diet. Please do consult a doctor and check out whether your body is strong enough for such an experiment!!

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Bottle HCG Coupon Codes

Now-a-days, the companies are using various methods for the publicity stunt and coupon codes are one among them. Through coupon codes, you can get the product at a lesser rate. And that is the reason today almost most of the companies offers coupon codes using which you can buy the product at a lower rate. Following are few of the coupon codes that are in the market today:

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The discount on the coupon codes is different for every company and so is the condition. These coupons are very useful for those has limited budget.

Today in the market HCG is present in various other forms also like pellets, sprays and injections. You have wide varieties of companies to choose from and these are easily available online. Check thoroughly and choose wisely for you cannot afford to make a mistake here friends!

If you have any experience to share or any suggestions to make the doors are wide open for you friends! You never know your suggestions or opinions might help someone! if you really are looking to buy hcg drops or hcg injections, we recommend that you go through the reviews for each of these brands.