Author: Hiral Patel

HCG Phase 3 Explained

HCG Phase 3 Protocol Phase 3 of the HCG protocol is known as the stabilization/ maintenance phase. After your last day of your HCG shot, you still stay on the 500 calorie diet for an additional 3 days. In reality, it is not 3...

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HCG Phase 2 Explained

After the HCG Loading Phase 2 or 3 Days, your strict HCG diet plan Phase 2 begins. Remember all the fun ends with the binge days and now get serious to follow the strict HCG Phase 2 Protocol. HCG Phase 2 is most commonly known...

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HCG Phase 1 Explained

HCG Phase 1 Protocol Many people modify Dr. Simeons’ original HCG plan and these days they tend to use HCG diet phases from Kevin Trudeau. Kevin reintroduced the HCG diet with his book The Weight Loss Cure “They”...

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