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HCG Drops is a 100% natural formulation drop which is hormone free and non homeopathic. These drops are distributed in Australia and are very cost effective. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced from the cells of the placenta during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Using VOX HCG Drops In Your Diet

VOX Nutrition is one of the topmost suppliers of nutritional supplements for both men and women. Amongst them they give you VOX HCG Ultra drops which is actually a hormone free product. HCG drops are recreated with natural water based hormone that is actually present in both men and women but the HCG level rises when women are pregnant. It is no different than the natural HCG present in us.

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The effect of VOX HCG drops is the same as the natural available hormone in our body. VOX HCG drops recreates the same blend of original hormone and amino acids which improves the metabolism and burns the body fat.

When you feel hungry, the VOX HCG drops triggers a message to the hypothalamus to release the chemicals that are necessary to burn the excess fat in your body. These chemicals takes the fat from the excess part of the body, breaks them into particles that aid in providing you the necessary metabolism and makes you less yearning for food.

One of the active ingredients in VOX HCG diet drops is African Mango extracts which is a non-stimulant appetite ingredient that suppresses your appetite, increases the glucose levels, improves leptin volume and maintains the cholesterol levels. As a result, you will notice an increase your metabolism. Another components of VOX HCG drops are:

HCG complex

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HCG Complex By Biosource Labs

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  • L-Ornithine that builds the muscles in your body and reduces the fat
  • L-Glutamine which breaks down the proteins for usage of your body
  • Niacin – lowers the cholesterol levels and improves circulation
  • Astragalus – increases the immune system and supports the cardiac system

VOX HCG drops needs to be implemented with a restricted 500 calorie diet that should mainly consist of fruits & veggies rather than salty & sugary foods.

There are certain side effects to VOX HCG drops such as vomiting, irritability, nausea etc. However, it is commonly seen in any hcg program due to low calorie diet. Note that it is not dangerous and fades away within a week. Many users complete the hcg diet program without such side effects successfully.

VOX nutrition reviews

A general consensus reported positively to this product claiming that people who were struggling with obesity found ultimate relief with VOX HCG drops.

On the flip side, certain people think that you are bound to lose weight when you are on a 500 calorie diet and HCG does nothing special to your body.

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