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HCG Drops is a 100% natural formulation drop which is hormone free and non homeopathic. These drops are distributed in Australia and are very cost effective. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced from the cells of the placenta during pregnancy.

The Simply Slim HCG drops are real HCG drops which contain the actual HCG hormone which is the key ingredient to lose weight. If the product promises that it is hormone free, that’s not the HCG product you are looking for. You have to be on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) for this program and the will provide for the rest of the calories. When the product is hormone free, you may have some initial weight loss but that is purely due to the 500 calorie diet which will make you weak. There are other brands such as Triumph hcg, Easy hcg also available on this website.

Triumph HCG

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Triumph HCG Drops

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If you are using a product that promises to be hormone free, you might be causing serious health damages to your body. You will not get the necessary calories and energy for proper function. The Simply Slim HCG drops has HCG and several amino acids and cell salts that will promote the health of the body. The original work by Dr. Simeons, which is mentioned in his book “Pounds and inches”, is brought to you by the Simply Slim HCG drops.

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A Simply Slim energizer is offered along with the HCG drops which will give you the necessary energy during the weight loss regime and also to regulate the actual weight loss. The Simply Slim HCG drops reviews recommend that you start the program with the advice from a doctor. The products are safely made and with complete treatment so you do not have to consult repeatedly.

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The Simply Slim HCG drops work to increase the body’s metabolic activity which will in turn abolish the fat stored in the body. The protocol to be followed while on the Simply Slim HCG drops diet extends over a period of 21 to 60 days and this is done in three phases. The second phase is the most important phase as this is when you will consume the HCG drops. The first phase is the loading phase and you eat high calorie food for two days while consuming the HCG. The second phase makes you eat just 500 calories a day and take the Simply Slim HCG drops 3 times a day. The third phase is the maintenance phase when you try to bring back the normal diet into your life while watching the starch and sweet.
The Simply Slim HCG drops diet says that your hypothalamus will command your body to increase the metabolism at the end of the HCG diet thus keeping your lost weigh off.

HCG Drops

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