You don’t have to be a celebrity to get expert guidance. You just need to look around. Watch television and get the inspiration you very much need.

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Missi Hendrix, 33-Year-old at over 526 Lbs. to less than 200 lbs. That’s more than half her weight which she lost is surely an inspiration. Going from binge eating to a strict diet for a food addict who is suffering from extreme depression due to her cheating husband. I don’t know what reasons you need to get started with your weight loss journey, but for most people, all it needs is an inspiration from a person like Missi.

Richard Neal 28 Years old and Over 426 LBS, is now just over 150 lbs. A person suffering from eating disorders from a very young age, it was a habit to eat till it’s over until doctors told him that he wouldn’t cross his 30’s. Today Neal is a fitness trainer and helps people lose weight, gain confidence.  With little guidance from a friend who loaned him a Work out DVD, Neal has come a very long way today.

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It’s usually not just a diet program which helps people lose weight. There is more to the story. Fear is a common factor in most people which get them kick started on a diet program or a weight loss. While most people get started, the fear fades off after a while. Its more or less a temporary feeling and the feeling will pass. But for Neal and Missi, it actually became a habit sooner than later. They may have gotten over the fear but they surely did not get over the habit.

For Missi it’s the kids she looks up to. She does not want her kids to look at her as an obese mother who has no control over her eating habits. For Neal, he turned his health into a profession, by becoming a trainer.

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You don’t really need an HCG diet Program, inject HCG injections or Take HCG drops to lose weight. You can go on a clean diet. A balanced diet with the right portion. Avoid sugars and fat as much as you can. Be aware that you are not to cut down your sugar or oil content totally, but avoid soft drinks, excessive coffee with sugar, say no to fast food and other unhealthy food which has excessive fat. If your food is home cooked, chances are that you have a more balanced meal with lesser fat or sugar.

For most people, Weight loss from a diet looks like a one-time thing. Unfortunately, it’s not a quick fix. Losing weight could be comparatively easy but keeping it that way and maintaining a steady healthy weight is a challenge all in itself. There could be a lot of people who have lost 30-40 pounds in a month or 2 for their prom or wedding but gained more than double of it after a few months.

Weight loss could be a fix for you or a lifestyle change. For most people who make a change in their life by making their eating habits and workout routine a habit, things will change and for good too. If you are looking at a person who has lost weight over the period of 3 months and keeps losing it or maintaining it for an over 2-3 years, chances are that he will not gain weight. It takes months to get into a habit and a moment to lose it all and get back to old ways.

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Stay inspired. If it’s fear that is going to get started, Let it be. But we suggest that you keep yourself inspired with other wonderful ways. We would have loved to suggest an HCG Drops or injection like the Complex HCG Drops to you, But if you are strong willed, Trust me. You don’t need a diet. You don’t need any fad injection or drops. All you need is a great workout. A good cardio, A long walk, and a healthy food.

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