I am 39. I used to weigh 65 when i was 30 and today i weigh 81. I dont really look good and i had a bit of problems with my knee. I feared the worst. Arthritis. I was left with little option but to reduce my weight. I havent worked out in years. I dont remember when i did a good walk or run. I worked out in the gym on and off (which was 1 or 2 days a year).

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It wasnt any new year resolution this time. I had to do it if i did not want to be crippled or living in pain. I thought it was ok to suffer a few weeks or months rather than suffer a whole life time. I did what most people would think they would do. Go on a diet, work out and start living healthy. That , was what i did. The only think they did not tell me is that i shouldn’t do it to the extreme.

My calorie intakes were never counted. Never ever. Today i started to count calories in everything. I am a vegetarian since years. My diet consists of dairy at most. No eggs, no meat what so ever. My proteins were plant based. my sugar intake has been limited to 2 tablespoons a day since 5 years. I am not diabetic. I have no cholesterol or blood pressure issues. I smoke half a pack every day and thats a lot because i cant stand the treadmill for more than 5 minutes at a fast walk. I knew that i had to change and that i did.

The first week i cut down my calorie intake and worse, i took it to a drastic low. The breakfasts were gone. Lunch was little more than a few spoon full of vegetables and pulses . Dinner was more protein . Carbs were limited to nothing more than 100 calories from occasional rice. What i overlooked was that a high protien diet is not really the best thing for a person who is suffering from arthritis. What no one told me and what i never realized myself was that too much of protein adds up to a lot of uric acid, creating a lot of acidity. Results are gastric problems. 3 weeks on the diet, i had massive digestive problems. My back started aching. Then it was my abdomen. It looked like it was the cramps from the heavy work out. This made me ignore the pain and work out more. 3 days down the line it worsened. I couldnt sit, let alone stand. The only option i had was to lie down. I was forced to take a doctors appointment.

After a small check up i was given a small dose of meds which will remove the acidity and the gas. The pain i had 2 hours ago which was so excruciating that i couldn’t get up from bed and walk to the bathroom was now gone. It felt like i had no pain. I thought the meds were with pain killers. But no. They were antacids.  I was released with a load of probiotics in my prescription.

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i had not told the doctor about my diet. It wasnt necessary. I had realized that the protein content in my body was creating a mess. Just 3 days and i had drained so much of my energy that i lost more than 4 kilos. Doing nothing! in a way, getting sick was a blessing in disguise. But thats not what i would recommend to anyone. Not because of the pain iteself, but the whole idea of getting sick to lose weight is terribly unhealthy.

If you need to lose weight, Protein is good, but in moderation. Your carb intake should be balanced. Your fiber content should be more. Water is essential. When you screw up the balance, expect havoc. Expect pain and this is not good at all. This is not the pain you have on your muscles after a 2 hour workout in the gym , though it felt exactly like that. This is worse. Far worse. What you may think as normal is not normal, because that pain is caused by problems in some organs inside. And when one thing fails, you can expect something else to fail too and then the chain .

Your diet even if its a HCG diet should be kept in moderation. You should not take it to the extreme levels unless you have a doctor who will assist you. I suggest that you dont do it at all, with or without doctors recommendation. Moderation is always good. Find out a balance. IF you can workout , then change the levels of your diet accordingly. You dont do a 500 Calorie diet and worjout 2 hours at the gym  or take a 20 mile trek. Its not recommended and its not correct. If you want to work out , then ensure that you are hydrated and also pumped up. Not just protiens, but carbs too. Healthy carbs can be good.

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On a  normal diet , many people will tell you not to cut sugar altogether or The fat entirely. Butter is good, just make sure you dont fry things up in butter. A pizza is surely an over kill but a bite of a cheese dish one time is not going to add the belly.

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