From 280 lbs to less than 200 and then starting to bulk up now with shredded muscle. The journey is not easy and is surely not fast. While most people on an HCG diet will think of a quick fix to get leaner, faster, the real weight loss happens over time, with a lot of determination. Josh is a fun guy. He is young and with weight problems, since he was six to over 18, he did find it a problem but never thought of fixing it. At 260lbs and 18 years old he thought that it was time to take action, the first time in his life.

Over the period of 2 -3 years he found himself losing a bit of weight here and there. It was during a competition among friends that Josh took weight loss as a challenge and seriously. He read a book, the Glycemic Load diet”. The book discussed cutting down on calories mainly from sugar and starch. That was a good start for Josh and he lost 30 pounds doing nothing but cutting down on his favorite drinks, Mountain dew, and Apple juice. The results? His first victory in weight loss and of course, winning the competition.

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But then, the competition over, things went back to old ways. The fast food crept in sooner than later and the unhealthy lifestyle was back. Soon, Josh was planning for his wedding. His proposal was obviously accepted. His only concern was that he did not want to be wedded with his embarrassing fat body. He wanted a leaner self, a healthier Josh to be married off. Josh started with his diet program again and this time it came from another book which suggested more or less the same book as the previous one. The 4 Hour Body is a slow carb diet. This helped Josh to go from 260 Pounds to a 200 lbs. That’s obviously a great achievement to lose over 60 pounds with nothing more than a strict diet.

Josh still looked at the mirror and saw his old self even with a loss of 60 pounds in body weight. He wasn’t satisfied. He started up his Instagram channel to get motivated and started hitting the gym again. This time it was not just weight loss. He had achieved his desired weight but it was his body shape which required changing. He needed to none up, bulk up right to portray more confidence.

His Instagram and YouTube channel, the bearded weight loss (quite a funny name) is quite famous among viewers with nearly half a million viewers on some of the videos. He is inspiring and clearly has achieved something which most people cannot without a coach.

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The most impressive thing about  Josh’s weight loss journey Is that he achieved all this without any help from a coach. He fixed his own diet and work out routine. He stuck to it for years and never gave up. Remember there is no overnight success. Things are slow when it comes to success in anything. May it be a million dollars you want to earn or a beach body you want to carve yourself into, it takes time. It takes patience.

If you are looking for a quick fix, we suggest the HCG complex diet drops by Biosource labs. But come on, where is the fun in a diet which will help you lose weight in 2 months but will not make you feel healthy or happy? Go the tougher route. Get a lifestyle change. Make sure that you test your limits. See what you can achieve and you will surely see the results and satisfaction you deserve.

Its not easy. I wouldn’t have it easy. I love challenges and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For Josh and his excellent physique. To Josh and the inspiration, he has become today. Good luck.

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